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    Haunting Ingredients


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    Haunting Ingredients  Empty Haunting Ingredients

    Post by sagey Sat 10 Nov 2018 - 18:28

    _Sage was again looking at the request board wandering what quests would he do next. He then noticed a flyer stating that his or her grandpa was sick and they were busy to do something else and they need someone to do something for him. He took the flyer, read it once more to see where the address of the old man's house is. It was not far from that area, so it would be a quick walk there. He then set off towards the address on the flyer. After walking a few miles, he could see a beautiful house surrounded with plants and herbs, which made the surrounding of the house smelt very nice and comforting. He stood in front of the door and taking a deep breath, knocks the door three times. He waited for awhile and a voice answered, it said to him to come in and that the door wasn't locked. Sage felt weird about this, as the voice sounded frail and yet if the door's not locked anybody could've robbed him easily. Sage closed the door and walked into the house, it was a short hallway until it emerges into a living room where and old man wearing a red wool sweater could be seen sitting on an armchair. The old man asked Sage if he was there because of the request and he answered with a simple yes. There was a little pause and then the old man asked him to sit down on a chair in front of him.

    _He started by saying that his name is Midora and asked what Sage's name was. He answered simply of course. Midora then stated that last week he fell on the bathroom floor and hurt his back. He then said that he had to stay inside the house for a whole month to rest and so that his back could heal faster. He added saying that he need someone to collect some fruits and spices around his yard. He pointed at a few big baskets at the corner of the room saying to Sage to use the baskets to collect them. Sage nodded and went on to pick the baskets, he wasn't much of a talker, rather a quite shy person. He grabbed the baskets all at once as they were stacked together and head outside. He then started to pluck up spices and fruits that looked ripe enough to be plucked. He started with the area in front of the house as it was easier and ended with fruits high in the trees as it was quite hard to obtain those fruits. The most trickiest parts were the aquatic herbs, he inserted it into one separate basket which would only contain aquatic herbs as mixing it up with the others might mess it up. He was no mastermind at herbs but to mix aquatic herbs with normal herbs just seemed wrong. After finishing he carried the baskets and placed it at the kitchen. He then went to Midora and he got his pay and a thanks from him.


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