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    Invasion of the Four-Finger Pirates


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    Invasion of the Four-Finger Pirates Empty Invasion of the Four-Finger Pirates

    Post by LibertyGear on 12th April 2019, 8:55 pm

    It was a nice summer day, and the best place to be at was without a single doubt, a beach. Hot sun, white sand, clean water. It was paradise... or it should be if not for a single detail.

    "You have a lot of nerve to stand in our way."

    That detail was burly man with an overconfident tone, that said some cliche line as he and his lackeys surrounded Libbier and Nero.

    "This is so not what I had in mind.", said Libbier with a complicated look.

    "Yeah, things are getting complicated.", Nero replied

    "How could this have happened?", Libbier looked down in distress.

    "We need to think of something soon."

    "How is this possible. So many pirates...", Libbier began to tremble.

    "Calm down Lib, its not li-"

    "HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT NONE OF THIS PIRATE SPEAKS LIKE A PIRATE?????", Libbier screamed, leaving everyone speechless.

    (Going back one hour)

    It was a hot day, and after arriving at the job designated town, Libbier decided to rest inside a coffee shop close to the sea, eating some chocolates with Nero.

    "So we are going to fight pirates this time?", Libbier asked happily.

    "Why do you sound so eager?", Nero asked back, before answering, "But yes, we are. It seems that the pirates have threatened this town, and the guild received an emergency job to protect it. Im certain Sabertooth was not the only one to receive the job, but considering I have not seen anyone belonging to any guild, its same to assume that either we are the only one that accepted, or we just got here fi...", Nero stops as he looks at Libbier, as she is sipping at some hot chocolate, "I know that you love chocolate, but even then I didnt expect you to just start drinking some hot chocolate like it was normal to do so in this heat."

    "What? Its not like the flavour changes cause its hot."


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