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    The Walk Home


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    The Walk Home Empty The Walk Home

    Post by Jaheira 12th April 2019, 9:23 am

    Leliana was not all that fond of the club scene and usually would never be found anywhere near it but after coming across a drunk girl, loitering outside one of the clubs, she had mustered up enough courage to offer to take her home. To be safe, she had summoned Blaziken to carry her and the mage was now walking side by side with him as they headed for the girls home. Alcohol was something that the black haired girl hated with a passion, a dislike that went back quite some time, when she had been forced to drink a large amount of it by her family, purely for their amusement. It had been a horrible experience and the hangover that she had the next day was something that she would never forget. Since then, just a sniff of the stuff sent her running a mile and she doubted that would change any time soon. Sadly, however, many of those walking the streets that night were not quite so wary of alcohol and more than once did Blaziken have to give a group of people a look in order to get them to back off. None of them dared attack, which was fortunate and in truth, a two metre tall red and yellow chicken was quite frightening in a way. She was pretty sure that not many of them had probably seen anything like her spirit before.

    The girl occasionally rambled about one subject or another but she was so out of it that it made little sense although Blaziken did laugh at the more crude comments. It was not often that he had a pretty girl in his strong arms and he was making the most of it, much to Leliana's distaste. The chicken was such a show off but she depended on him a great deal and was always the first to come to her defence when needed. The journey through the streets was a quiet one in the end and besides a few glances, there was not much in the way of trouble and after about half an hour or so, they arrived at the girls house. Her parents were certainly grateful and generously paid her for her trouble. Blaziken handed the girl over and feeling a little put out that the job was over so quickly, picked up Leliana and started carrying her instead down the street, much to the black haired girls annoyance and embarrassment. With an annoyed shout, she sent him back to his realm but failed to realise what would happen to her afterwards, resulting in her landing rear first on the hard street. Irritated, she stood up and started to make her way down the road, another job completed and wondering just how many more missions that there were in this town. Not that she minded of course, as she had taken a liking to the place anyway. With a bag of jewels in her hand a stinging pain in the rear, she vanished in to the night, heading off towards who knew where.

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