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    Cherry's Escort Services! (The Walk Home)


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    Completed Cherry's Escort Services! (The Walk Home)

    Post by Cherry 13th April 2019, 6:23 pm

    Cherry was in the Magnolia Library. She was waiting for her roommate there, since he was on a job. She had been reading all day, with her Speed Reading Glasses, she had read a huge collection of books, all piled around her. She ended up making a little fort out of the ones she had already read. It was very late though… She was reading books on magic and all that, smiling to herself. She loved to read. Soon though, a tall boy, not much older than her, maybe about 16 or 17, approached her. He looked like a preppy, rich boy. He cleared his throat. “E-Excuse me. You’re a wizard, right?” he asked. He was wearing glasses and looked like a total dork. He looked pale and weak too… Cherry smiled up at him, closing her book and nodded. “Yes, I’m a wizard. I’m waiting on my roommate to come pick me up.” she said. “O-Oh…” the boy said. “I-I was hoping you could escort me back to my house… I-I stayed here too late studying. I-I’ll pay you.” he said, fidgeting with hands. “I’m too scared to go home by myself.” he looked down as he explained. Cherry nodded and stood, smiling. “Of course! I’ll help you get home in no time.” She said. “My name is Cherry.” she said. “M-Matthew.” he smiled. “Nice ta meet’cha, Matthew!” she nodded, clapping her hands together. “Let’s get you home, yeah? Where do you live?” She asked. “N-Not too far from here. I live on Edsel Road.” he said.”Edsel Road!? That’s like, a really rich neighborhood… Jeez. Yeah, I’ll help you get home.” she smiled. “Just let me grab my bag and you can ride on my back. I use Animal Transformation Magic. I can turn into a unicorn and I can get you there in like half an hour.” she smiled. “S-Sure! Thank you!” he said.

    Cherry grabbed her Magic Satchel and put away her Speed Reading Glasses inside of it, leading the boy out of the Library and down the street. She stayed in her human form for a while, just talking with him and walking along down the illuminated street. She looked up at the boy. “It must be nice, being rich and stuff… Me and my roommate have to do so many jobs every week just to make rent.” she sighed. She cleared her throat and stretched a little. “Animal Soul! Unicorn!” she said, poofing into a hot pink cloud of smoke. Once it dissipated, she was transformed into a unicorn with a hot pink mane. “Hop on!” she said. The boy got onto her back and held on tightly. Cherry let out a neigh and giggled, starting with a slow trot and slowly picking up speed. “Sorry for the uncomfortable ride. I know bare back isn’t the most comfortable.” she said. “But it’s the quickest way to get to Edsel Road.” she nodded. “It’s okay!” the boy said. Cherry ran the fastest her hooves could carry her. She ran over bridges and cobble roads, grass and dirt… It took her about half an hour to get the boy back home, but once she did, she slowly approached the door he specified was his and transformed back into a human after he got off of her back. He paid her as he said he would and Cherry smiled and thanked him. “No.” he said. “Thank you. I would’ve never gotten home without you!” he said. Cherry smiled. “It’s no problem.” she said. She turned. “See ya!” she said. “Animal Soul! Cheetah!” she exclaimed, turning into a Cheetah and running at her top speed back to the Library. Hopefully her roommate wouldn’t get there before she did….

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