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    A needed escort (the walk home)

    Gladiia Stralken
    Gladiia Stralken

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    A needed escort (the walk home) Empty A needed escort (the walk home)

    Post by Gladiia Stralken 8th February 2022, 6:16 pm


    Despite the jobs being less then ideal for Gladiia, at least they were taking her out to new places. This one specifically was known as "Talonia", a metropolis that certainly came alive at night. Didn't do her any good though. With her new heightened senses, the lights and sounds played havoc on her eyes and ears at first. But after some getting use to, she was able to tolerate it, and with good timing. Her client, a man in a collared shirt and tie hunched over, was looking about ready he was going to bail from the bar corner he was at. She calmly walked over to him, him suddenly looking up at her with a panicked look. "I am Ms. Stralken, I take it you are a Mr. brown?" The man considered her question then took a nervous gulp. "Yeah, that's me. Can we get going? You wasted so much time!" he whispered in a nervous tone. Gladiia bit her lip, she prided on being early and knew well enough she had gotten here with plenty of time to spare. "My apologies mr. brown, we can begin when you are ready." Mr. brown nodded, and began to walk toward the park.

    Solemn park certainly lived up to the name. Compared to the rest of Talonia it was far quieter and relaxed, seldom few people too. It did little to soothe Mr. brown though, looking as though he was ready to jump out of his skin. "Mr. brown, if it is not a issue, may I ask why you desired a guard? Seems unusual, especially for a single night." Gladiia asked, calm and polite. "I...I just need to! If I can do this, even with help, then I can do anything." The words made everything click into place, enough for her to nod in response.

    A sudden laugh made Mr. brown jump and shake, Gladiia merely looked in the direction of it. Couple of men were walking down the way they were and judging by their walk, were intoxicated. This made Mr. brown stand in place, fast breathing. "Hey manlet!" One slurred while his compatriot laughed. "Betta keep up with her or else she'l find someone else!" "Like me! C'mon baby! Yuan knows how to please!" the other added in, and the two continued their laughing. Noticing the damn near fear Mr. brown was giving off, Gladiia made a gesture for him to wait a minute.

    She would begin to walk towards the drunkards, which got their attention. "He-ey! Good to see-" He was suddenly accosted from behind, Mr. brown being sober enough to see his escort turn into the wind itself. "You should get home before you hurt yourself." Gladiia stated calmly, before shoving the drunkard away. Yuan, startled now, began dragging his drunk friend in a hasty retreat.


    Gladiia's and Mr. brown's walk would prove uneventful for the rest of the night. Curious, she gathered that he actually suffered a mental breakdown at work and retreated from the world. Tonight's walk was his first step into trying to recover. Gladiia ensured Mr. brown that even little steps were progress, and to do what he could to grow everyday. After payment, the two would part ways, Gladiia traveling down a path illuminated by the city lights.

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