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    The Walk Home


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    The Walk Home Empty The Walk Home

    Post by Medeia 23rd August 2018, 4:47 am


    Having swiftly completed her previous job, Sarisha had darted back to the nightclub in order to complete her promise to the girl who she had walked in to before. She hardly in any state to do anything so the purple haired mage had ended up having to pick her up and carry her out of the club, much to the amusement of the patrons. The Deity was not amused though and the look on her face lacked the usual cheerfulness that it tended to convey. There was not much in this world that could frustrate or annoy her but there was just something about arrogant bastards that drove her insane. The way they walked, they way they talked and the way they went about their lives. It made her blood boil and if was not for the fact that she was protecting her almost unconscious friend, she would go back there and rip them limb from limb or perhaps drain them instead. The latter was quickly dismissed as she recalled the last time that she had drained a drunken male's fluids. The taste had been absolutely foul and had taken her days to get rid of it.

    The barkeep had been useful at least, giving her directions to the girls home, which she was now following. It would look pretty strange to those walking down the street but Sarisha did not care about that. The girl would occasionally mumble a few words but that was all that she could muster, she was well and truly plastered although the Goddess had to smile at the occasional lewd comment that the girl spoke of. She was attractive, long blonde hair, bright green eyes and a fine figure and was certainly a lot more appealing on the eyes than the ugly scum bags who had been in the nightclub. Still, there was already a woman in Sarisha's life and although she found the girl pretty, she was able to hold of her more primal urges for the moment. Besides, this was a job after all and even though she rarely showed it, Sarisha did have some scraps of pride and professionalism in her work, sometimes.

    Everything was going smoothly until she reached the girl's house, where a group of thugs were hanging around, laughing and joking with each other. They swiftly turned towards Sarisha and started firing off swear words and lewd innuendo's. The Goddess was easily able to outwit them verbally and soon enough, they lost their tempers and drew their weapons, bats and metal pipes. She simply grinned and used her water powers to create a water geyser nearby which destroyed their bikes, which were located nearby. They certainly lost their composure then and quickly ran off, precisely what you would expect from a group of cowards.

    Once they had run off, the door to the girl's house opened and an elderly couple appeared. It turned out that they were the girl's grandparents and appreciated what Sarisha had done for their granddaughter. The mage carried the girl inside, before gently placing her on the couch in their front room. The family were certainly grateful and had no problem with paying the mage for her work, especially pleased that she had managed to scare of the thugs too, who were known for causing trouble in the area.

    Once everything was concluded, Sarisha then took her leave, bidding the family farewell and making her way down the street. Having completed her good deed for the decade.

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