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    The Walk Home


    The Walk Home Empty The Walk Home

    Post by Guest on 17th August 2018, 3:26 pm

    Job Title: The Walk Home
       Rank: D
       Job Location: Any City or Village
       Solo Word Count: 500 Words Solo
       Group Word Count: 1000 Words
       Additional Requirements: The client must be escorted home safely. The job ends when all enemies have been defeated (knocked out or scared off, NOT killed) and the NPC has reached their home safely.
       Job Description: The client has stayed out far later than they have intended to. They are afraid of walking through the streets at night and have asked for your help. Make sure that they get home.

    • The client can be male or female and of any age range. Teenagers are the youngest suggested age range.
    • The job takes place at night.
    • It is suggested to stay close to the client. Enemies will focus on defeating the mages before going after the client.
    • Where the client stayed is up to the players. They could have been at a tavern, a friend's house, a library... players can fill in the details as they see fit.
    • Home address and details are up to the players.
    • While players can use force to deal with threats, it is suggested that they refrain from killing enemies in front of the client.

       Enemies: Enemies are optional. However, if players choose to use them, here are suggested types. Details such as appearance, stats, magic, and armament are up to players.

    • Enemy Rank: Weak
         Heckler: These guys are more a nuisance than a real threat. They may talk tough, but one good hit (or even a display of offensive magic of any rank) is enough to send them packing. They often work in pairs.
    • Enemy Rank: Normal
         Bully: These goons are a slight step up, but still not much of a challenge. They have slightly more ability to back up their trash talk. However, any reasonably skilled mage can defeat them with ease. They prefer to fight in hand-to-hand combat and come in groups of four. They can be frightened off with a C-rank Offensive spell.
    • Enemy Rank: Strong
         Thug: They might actually present a challenge. They are burly types who like to use melee weapons and run in gangs of six. Since they have something to prove, they cannot be frightened off with magic and will fight until beaten.
    • Enemy Rank: Boss
         Boss Mob: Just when you thought you were home free, a mob shows up looking for trouble. The boss mob retains the stats, magic, and armament of the base mob, but the number of enemies in the group is doubled. Caution is advised.  

       Reward: D-Ranked EXP and 5,000 Jewels per player.

    Credit to Leona Jarnefeldt.

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