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    Bully The Bully


    Bully The Bully Empty Bully The Bully

    Post by Guest 7th April 2019, 4:59 am

    One moment, he was giving her a mouthful of verbal abuse and the next his face was as white as a sheet, gasping for air as he struggled in her vice like grip. The boy had made a grave error in pissing her off and as he hung there in mid air, that thought seemed to cross his mind. Sarisha had been simply minding her own business when the annoying little twat had decided to start throwing insults at her. It had taken her about five seconds to lose her temper, which led to the situation that they were in now. There had been rumours of a thuggish brat who had been bullying some of the other kids and the goddess assumed that this punk was the one in question. He was about eleven or twelve years old and was absolutely tiny compared to the pinkette mage. A look of amusement crossed Sarisha's face as she pulled him in close, managing to easily lift and choke him with one arm.

    "Right, moron," she said coldly, her red eyes locked on to his green ones, "You are going to stop with this crap or I am going to choke the life out of you, here and now. I know that you have been acting like a jackass around here for a while and it will stop, otherwise it is going to get fucking ugly. If I hear that you are up to your old tricks then nothing will save you, nothing. I have no problem with killing you, your family or anyone that so much as looks at me in the wrong way. Now, piss off."

    She dropped him on to the ground and he ran off as soon as he could catch his breath, crying his eyes out and not looking back once. Hopefully he had learned his lesson, for his sake.

    The mage turned to leave but another boy appeared from the shadows and quickly called out to her, before running up to her.

    "Thank you miss for dealing with him," the boy said, bright blue eyes looking up at her and a smile crossing his features, "I put up a request ages ago for someone to give him a talking too but no one had taken it up until now. I had lost hope that anyone would stand up to him."

    "I did not know that," Sarisha answered honestly, "I just stepped in because he was insulting me, that is all. You are welcome though, I guess."

    "Well, you've done the job anyway whether you meant it or not," the boy answered cheerfully, he then rummaged in his pockets and pulled out a pouch of jewels, which he placed in to her hand, "Take these as a reward."

    Sarisha blinked in surprise but accepted the jewels anyway, never shying away from a reward, regardless of her godly status. She then nodded her head towards him, before walking away, while the boy started whistling happily and leaving in the opposite direction.

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