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    Once upon a Time: Chapter 10 Save The Sacrificed


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    Once upon a Time: Chapter 10 Save The Sacrificed Empty Once upon a Time: Chapter 10 Save The Sacrificed

    Post by Ghost 26th March 2019, 8:22 am


    As Ghost was chilling in the guild hall. Finally, a little him time all seem well for the time being. Until just as he was about to get up. A young boy would walk into the guild. He stood about four feet tall and was all banged up. He was no more than eight years of age. He looked on all around the guild. Until finally he laid eyes on Ghost who looked at him. He would smile a soft little sad smile as he slowly walked towards Ghost. His big purple eyes looked as if he been crying all his life. As he goes into his pockets he would pull out only so much money. More like pocket change.

    With a soft and cracking voice, he would say to Ghost."Oh, the great wizard of Fairy Tail please save my family. You see a terrible wizard have been sacrificing people to summon some kind of monster. Please, I beg of you. If jewel is what you want I can give you my life-saving." Ghost would look on at the battle warned boy. As he took out a small adorable piggy bank. Trying to hand it over to Ghost who would only smile a soft smile at the boy. As he looked on down at him he would make a sad smile. Then balling up his first Ghost would punch the poor kid in his belly. He looked at Ghost and was stunned as he went down to the ground.  

    The kid was badly wounded and truth be told was dang near dead. Ghost seeing the kid in the state that he was in was all but happy. He knew he had to calm the brat down somehow someway. So he came up with that. Looking at the job request Ghost would smile as he now knew what his next mission was. Looking around his guild hall he would pick the kid up to take him to the guild hall medical room. Smiling as he would them leave and make his way to this slaver guy. Taking off with the wind heading towards the sea of sand.

    Ghost smiled to himself as he just now made it to Desierto. A new job for the self-proclaimed strongest C ranked wizard around. His latest mission was simply to stop a man who was kidnapping people. Not just that but to summon a monster of some kind. But that was not going to happen on his watch. As Ghost looked around he would notice that the medium size town was a bit empty for this time of day. That was odd but then again a cloaking spell could be in the works. However, he was told of no such thing. Now it was getting a bit crazy for him as he looked over to his left. He would see a group of people walking in a small crowd. However, they were walking as if they were mindless.

    Quickly thinking to himself Ghost would fly into the sky. Looking over to see a large man playing the flute of some sort. The man was smiling and dancing like crazy as the people were following him. Looking on Ghost would smile as he believes to have found the man causing all of this. Looking cool as the man started to play a stunning song the people were being led to a transmit circle. This type of magic was used to cast a summoning. But to do that one needs to call forth a sacrifice. The man looked on as he was playing his flute as the people were getting ready to go into the circle. Ghost would come crashing down on him. Using his Sky God Hurricane Punch. Landing right on top of him. The sudden burst of might and wind sent the man falling back.

    Ghost looked on at the man as he went crashing into the sand. At that very moment, the crowd of people he was controlling would fall down unconscious. Bladdi would slowly look up with a bloody face as he now started to come by down to earth. Ghost looked on at him as he was standing in an epic stance. Looking down at Bladdi with an areo look in his eyes. Bladdi would slowly get black up as the wind was still hitting him. Breathing heavily could sense Ghost magic power as he licks his bloody lips. "Would you mind stepping inside of that transmit circle for me. Such power could truly bring my master back." Ghost looked on as Bladdi would quickly try to play his flute. As Ghost concluded that flute had mind controlling powers. Which is a danger in its own right.

    But just as he played at least five notes. Ghost Sky God Hurricane Wave would take action. As Bladdi smiled at Ghost the flute would break within the wind vortex. "Too Late I was trying to summon my master at full power. But since I can't I will gladly settle for this instead." Ghost looked down at him but was still a bit confused. "What do you mean by that foolish dark wizard." Bladdi looked back up at him as his body was starting to turn to sand.", Simply you only stopped me from summing my master with his full power. He will only be at ninety percent but still. The carnage he will cause and the slaves I gather will be his first prey. Good luck as dark justice will always be supreme." Ghost looked on as he said that. Soon a sand tornado would start to form in within it was a massive fifty-foot demon.

    Ghost looked on as he started to fly up into the sky. He would smile as he said to himself. "You ain't the first demon I slew and sure as the blue skies ain't gonna be the last." Mutura would slowly look to the clouds in the sky. He was still a bit dazed from being back to life. Ghost had managed to save the slaver hostages. But still now was the time for the real fight. As the wind started to pick up Mutura would sense some strong form of magic more or less it was Ghost. Ghost was avoiding the surrounding the wind as Mutura looked down at him. Ghost would smile as his eyes grew to be sky blue.

    Ghost looked up as Mutura raised his hand as sand was forming around it. However, Ghost was quick to cast his Sky God Hurricane wave at him. Just as the hand was coming down on to him. Mutura would then be sent flying some fifty meters back. As the wind took him away Ghost was truly shocked. That move usually sends people away even farther then what it did. Ghost would see the demon trying to stand up but he was quick to react. Running towards the demon he would give it a Sky God Hurricane punch a total of three times. First hitting his head as the demon tried to stand up. Next jumping towards its chest striking him there. Soon just as he was falling down Ghost would punch him on his jaw.

    The demon would then be sent flying back again. Ghost was starting to breathe a little harder after using up more magic then he normally does. This was crazy to him because his foes would be beaten by now. Looks like he still has to get stronger. Mutura would start to raise up again just as Ghost was rushing at him. Ghost summon more wind to strike him. Aiming to hit him with a Sky God Hurricane punch again. However, the demon had other plans as sand would start to move. Soon it would burst up at Ghost who would be sent flying high in the sky. Coughing up a little blood Ghost would start to catch himself midair. Seeing the demon from above was something else.

    But Ghost was not going to give in. He smiled from above as he wiped his mouth. Soon Ghost would start to suck I'm the air around him. Looking down at Mutura as the demon started to cover himself with a sand storm. Ghost was starting to regain his power. Looking on at him he would Active his Sky God Tornado times two. Soon a giant tornado would form by the demon as it went towards him. The demon stood unafraid as Mutira started to walk towards it. Taking his hand he would lunch at it head-on. The demon would tank the attack as the wind came crashing into him. Blowing away the sand and causing major damage to him as well.

    Ghost looked on as the demon would fall to his knees. "Now is my chance to end this thing once and for all." Using the last of his might Ghost would swoop down towards Mutura. Lunching at him with his Sky God Hurricane Punch. Ghost would land a direct hit on the top of his head. As the wind was still fresh and about. He would send his hurricane at the demon knocking him over and down. Mutura would lay there defeated. As Ghost stood over his beaten body. The Rune knights would appear just in time. Ghost would look at them and wave. Soon falling unconscious from doing too much. Saving the day once again. But this time the magic top guys would take notice of the fairy good deed.


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