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    Once upon a Time:Chapter 4 for a good cause


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    Once upon a Time:Chapter 4 for a good cause Empty Once upon a Time:Chapter 4 for a good cause

    Post by Ghost 28th February 2019, 1:43 am


    As the alarm clock went off Ghost would try to tone it out. Pulling the pillow over his head the noise was so irritating to him. But none the less it was time for him to get up and get moving. He was to put on a show today. Geez thinking to himself as he slowly raised his right arm balling up his fist. Yawning as he opens his hand causing a slight breeze to come about. Finally gaining the strength to get up he would sit up. Looking on to see his outfit nearly hanging from the door he would smile.

    An hour later after he had eaten and refreshing up he would make his way out of his hotel. Reading the job details Ghost was not at all surprised at what he had to do. But still the trick he wanted to do would it be fun or just plain dumb. Regardless he was about to find out. "This is a none paying job but it is all good. Not everyone can afford a wizard. But I guess I will help none the less." Ghost would say to himself as he was walking throughout the city. Relaxing his body more and more as he arrived at the event. Making small chat with the people around him. He would see the middle age man who hired him. Ghost was going to continue walking on his way. Until the man stopped him by yelling his name.

    Waving at him Ghost would give a soft smile. "Say Mr.Battles how are you this day?" The middle age man laughing as he made his way towards him. "I'm good and I can't thank you enough. I just want to say thank you so very much for this. Now you take care and break a leg." Ghost would wave him off as he got ready to put on a show. About an hour would pass as he was ready to make his magic show debut. Ghost would peak over throughout the large sheets to see a very big crowd. Kids were out and looked happy to see such an event. "I get they never really seen a magic show before. This should put a smile on their faces because I know it put one on mines." Soon Mr.Battles would introduce Ghost to the crowd as he Ghost took a deep inhale. Letting out of the air he was holding in. He would give a smile as the wind started to pick up.

    Soaring onto the stage the kids and parents would cheer for him. "Ladies and gentlemen of all ages. I am Ghost of Fairy Tail. Today I will show you all the might of the wind." Just as he said that the crowd would cheer. Looking on he would pick three kids as they came onto the stage. Summoning his Twista he would look at them. As he requested to have a giant sheet ready for his use. The kids would sit upon it next he would send the Twista at them. As the motion of the Twista took flight with the large sheet. Lifting them up Ghost would cause the sheet to fly with him. Soon he would take to the sky as well. Soon he would look on to them and smile as the crowd was going crazy. Ghost would give off a smile as he snapped his fingers the Twista would vanish. Just as he did that the kids would start to fall.

    Ghost would smile as he creates three small Twista's as the three kids would fall through them. Going around in circles. Laughing all the way down as Ghost put on a smile. The crowd reaction was priceless as he did that.
    He would continue this for about four more hours. Until he was finally done. With the folk having a blast on his new trick and ride the money would soon come in. Ghost looked on at the old man as he had completed another job.

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