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    Once upon a Time: Chapter 2-Musings of a retired mage


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    Once upon a Time: Chapter 2-Musings of a retired mage Empty Once upon a Time: Chapter 2-Musings of a retired mage

    Post by Ghost 12th November 2018, 5:42 pm


    As Ghost walks over towards the old man he would slowly sit the tea down. Hot as it was he would begin to pour it with hot style. As the old man looks on at him he would then summon his magic of wind. Causing a gentle breeze to come about. Blowing over the hot tea to the amazement of the old man. Ghost would smile as he did it again then handed the old man a cup. "My oh my to be young with style again. Now young man that was the good old days." Ghost would give off a smile as he sat right next to him.

    Taking a sip of his tea he would look at the old man and smile even more. "Yeah it's my very own magic and guess what I'm the top wind user around. This wind is coated with the sky goddess blessing. Now ain't that pretty cool huh?" The old man would begin to laugh a little. Sipping his tea himself, "yes lad I suppose it truly is. It is such an honor to be in the same space as the sky goddess offspring. Tell me how is she doing these days?" Ghost would give off a sad smile, "sorry but she passed on some time back you know." Ghost would ball up his first as tears would run down his face.

    As wind started to pick up but soon the old man took notice. Placing his hand upon Ghost shoulder he would smile at him. "I do apologize for making you rethink such memories. But young lad you must stand tall and pride now alright. You see there are things we just can't control. Because we'll fate will not let us control our destiny understand me? I was once an all-powerful wizard. So much so people dare not to offend me. Unfortunately, my cockiness lead to the death of a young wizard such as yourself." Ghost would look on upon him confused and a bit nervous but still he was ready for anything. Ghost was thinking to himself of how there are and always will be. Stronger wizards then himself but he knows he has one thing that they do not and that was the power of the wind. A force so strong not even a mountain could still tall upon its gust.

    Ghost stood up as the old man looked at him and then he smiled at him. Looking at the old man as the old man looked at him. The wind would start to blow as Ghost started to smile."Hey, Mr.Battle this was an epic talk we had and I'm glad I took on this job. Hopefully, I could come back and talk to you more but as a friend not on a payroll."The old man took his time to stand up and as he did he began to laugh as Ghost as he said that."I would love that young lad please feel free to come by anytime you see fit."

    Ghost smiled as he would leave taking off with the wind. He looked on as the sunset began to come around. Flying with the wind he was gone with the wind. Ghost would smile again thinking of all the things the retired wizard said. But he would get a little as thinking of the one thing he said. Because of him a young wizard was killed. Whatever that was about.

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