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    Once upon a Time:Chapter 3 potion making assistant


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    Once upon a Time:Chapter 3 potion making assistant Empty Once upon a Time:Chapter 3 potion making assistant

    Post by Ghost 25th November 2018, 12:41 pm


    Ghost stood there as he was preparing the water. As it boils over the wood fire it would start to heat up after some time. Looking on her would take a bag of blackberries and pour them inside the boiling water. Next, he would take five swan feathers to drop them in as well. Ghost was now on his third job so far so good and yet so boring. But hey it paid the bills one would think. He gives off a smile as an old elderly woman walks over by him. Since he got here she has said not a word. Unless it had something to do with the potion they were making.

    He looked as she added more things to the boiling water. More things such as bat wings and Apple seeds. This was an odd combo Ghost would think as the water turned dark blue. Still not sure on the potion the duo was making. But he said nothing as he watched her continued to do what she was doing. Soon the potion was nearly completed yet something was off as she looked at him."This is where you truly come to help me at. You see I have asked for the aid of a wizard who could fly. Seeing that he had arrived I am assuming that wizard is you. Now then I need for you to take this here jug and go into the sky and get me water. But not just any water but water from the clouds the freshest there is." Ghost would look on a bit confused as the old lady went all creepy on him. Whatever she was talking about was making him feel unease. But he was ready to do whatever he needs to do."I see very well I shall go and get this water from the clouds for you. So please wait for just a little be longer." As he said that he would take off heading for the door.

    As the door open up the wind would pick up as well. Soon Ghost would take flight moments after he the wind took him off his feet. With the jug in his hand, it was all about the sky now. This was his space he was the child of the sky goddess after all. Soon he would make it to the sky with a smile on his face. About one hour would pass upon his return. All the while he was in the sky the wind was blowing all crazy like. Ghost would bring the elderly woman the jug of the freshest water known to men. He looked on as she cooled down the fire under the pot. Soon she gave the boiling potion some of the water. As it cooled down it would turn to pure leaf green. She looked at Ghost as she pointed to small glass bottles suited for potions. "Well don't just stand there help me bottle up the potions it's my best batch yet. This is a cleanse potion it is known to clean out your system within moments of drinking it."

    Ghost would look on as he smiled thinking to himself mission compete.

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