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    [Job] Potion Making Assistant to the King!


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    [Job] Potion Making Assistant to the King! Empty [Job] Potion Making Assistant to the King!

    Post by Haru-senpai 10th March 2018, 11:06 am

    Haru cackled like a mad scientist as several actual scientists let off an anime sweadrop behind the young man in a lab coat. As Haru mixed together random ingredients he would look back at the scientists.

    "It's a good thing the King called in a mage from Fairy Tail, you guys had no idea what you were doing!" he said as he continued mixing what seemed to be random stuff together. One began to fizz behind him in a vial.

    "Um....the King only did this because he wanted it to seem like he was working with the guilds and mages like you." one of the Royal Scientists said to Haru who pouted a bit. "But you're doing a great job!" mumbling to himself after he said something so as not to hurt the young mage's feelings. About twenty more minutes went by, and random fizzing over happened several times. Eventually, Haru would shout.

    "EUREKA!" as he held up a blue potion. He would hold it out for one of the Royal Guards to drink it. "Here it turns people invisible!" Haru said sparkling as he held it out.

    "You expect me to believe that you throwing random bullshit together actually made an invisibility potion!" one of the royal scientists said, recoiling away from the bottle. Another would shout "LANGUAGE IN FRONT OF THE KID!" and would take the vial, more brave than his friend. He could tell this was the hands on scientist of the bunch. "Well here goes!"

    He would gulp it down, and as soon as he did; his head would sparkle and turn invisible.

    "Is it working?" as Haru and the other royal scientist let out serious laughs and continued to do so as the guy felt his head which was still there, but invisible. He would then stand in front of a mirror and literally pass out laughing almost; as he struck headless poses. Smiling to himself, Haru supposed the King's scientists were really cool guys after all.

    "Well you guys got the recipe! I'm out!"

    "Not really, you just threw a bunch of stuff together but we can rewind the footage." he said pointing to a lacrima camera in the corner. With a nod, Haru would shake their hands and take off. "Well, are you sure that was Heero's grandson? Nothing blew up." and as he said that, one of the vials Haru mixed began to shake violently and fizz over. ".......Oh no."

    Behind Haru in the hallway as he walked with his hands in his pockets the door would literally blow off the hinges behind him in a burst of smoke. With a sweatdrop, and payment already received; Haru would take off running as fast as he could as the scientists yelled for him to get back there. Which only caused him to jog a bit faster, as he would round the corner into the Royal Foyer; jogging down the carpeted stairs and right out the front door of the Royal Palace onto the drawbridge and into Crocus proper.

    "AND I EVEN LEFT THEM THE RECIPE! How dare they get upset at me. Hmph." Haru would shove his hands into his pockets and walk off like he'd done nothing wrong as usual.


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    [Job] Potion Making Assistant to the King! Rose

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