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    Once upon a Time:Chapter 6 A Tested Warrior


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    Once upon a Time:Chapter 6 A Tested Warrior  Empty Once upon a Time:Chapter 6 A Tested Warrior

    Post by Ghost 3rd March 2019, 4:01 am

    Once upon a Time:Chapter 6 A Tested Warrior  T24925-honorable-death-the-death-of-a-time-tested-warrior#272084

    It was quite as Ghost was walking towards the forest. The job he took on was a crazy one indeed. An old wizard has asked for someone to end his life. Surely there was a typo in this request. Thinking to himself that the magic head guys would not approve of such a request. But there were rumors of such jobs existing from here and there how crazy. But truth be told it was only one way to find out. Surely but surely he made his way towards the location he was to meet the man. As he arrived he would see trees of every size.

    Looking around to see not one had not a leaf on them. This was odd to him seeing that it was summer. As he walked towards the open space he would stop and close his eyes. He could feel someone watching him. Ghost would smile as he balled his fist up. A small gust of find would start to come about. Having no fear he would then grin as his eyes glowed sky blue as he looked around. Soon the old man that was watching him would start to come from out of a tree. Appearing behind Ghost at least nine meters away. "Wind magic no wait not just any wind magic. Your magic comes from one of divine origin am correct?" Ghost looked then gave a soft smile.

    "Smart man you must be Sommer Kendrix nice to meet you I think. Anyway, my mother was the Goddess of the Sky." Ghost would state this with pride in his voice. Summer looked on at him and gave a sad yet happy smile. "Indeed you are I'm glad I get to meet her offspring. But I am sorry for your lost. But with that said please let us began let us not waste any more time." Ghost looked on and before he could say anything he would give off a road like noise. "Say, old man, why do you want me to end you when you could live longer?" "I am a warrior I lived as one and shall die as one. Now then here I come ready or not young man." soon the ground would start to shake.

    Ghost would summon his win# magic preparing to fly upwards. But just as he leaped off the ground. A wine who would grab him. He would see this then give off a smile as the wind started to increase around him. Just as the vines started to try and trap him. The wind would increase slices them apart. Ghost would soon be free as he looked on to see Sommer with his hands up. Ghost used his Sky God Tornado attack. A very powerful wind attack in it's on right. But as he looked on he was a bit confused at what he was seeing. "Hey old man what gives I was just getting started." Sommer looked on at him as he kneels down touching the ground.

    "That was my second strongest spell and yet you broke it with ease. I can't case my strongest spell without you being in my vines. I am old you see besides your no regular mage. I can't keep up with you I'm too old to be doing all that running. But I am glad to see that mages such as yourself see around. I've used up all of my magic casting my third strongest spell and that is what you see now." Ghost began to walk towards him confused. "What do you mean old man talk to me?" Soon the skin on Sommer's hand with peel away. Revealing a piece of wood. "I'm using a secret art of wood and celestial magic. It allows for one to merge their remaining life force with a certain element. I'm just one of seven I am The Wood element. I do thank you for your time but I've already passed on. Tell the magic heads that Sommer said hi."/color] Ghost looked on yet was still in shock. "By the way to start your search again you should take down a demon. I'm sure they will know a thing or two-.

    Just then the old man would turn into an oak tree as green life came back to the area. Ghost knew he picked this mission for a reason how strange it turned out this way.

    Part 2

    This Ghost felt something was strange with this case to began with. Looking on he would start to walk away. As he summons the wind he would prepare himself to fly away. But before he could leap into the sky he would feel the very ground shaking. As he turned around he could see the breaking apart from the very ground. Ghost looked on in shock as this happened. "YOU DID WELL YOUNG MAN YOU DID WELL NOW FEED ME MOREEEEE!!!" Ghost was in shock still but then he would smile as he saw this. As he starts to eat the wind the twenty-foot tree would come for him.

    Looking on as the tree came for him this was perfect. So perfect because now he wasn't afaird to hit an old tree, unlike an old man. Soon Ghost would rush towards the tree. As the great tree flung its vines at him he would quickly dodge them. Then the tree would soon start to free off its leaves at him. They were moving fast enough to cause razor damage if hit by them. But Ghost clearly outspeeds the tree as he jumped up at it. The tree would send its vines at him. Using a eighth of the vines with full power. Ghost would smile as he punched the tree breaking through all of it. "SKY DRAGON HURRICANE PUNCHHHH!!!" This very move was the thing that destroyed many of his foes before. Ghost would watch as the wind ripped the tree apart.

    As he saw this for some strange reason a tear would fall from his eye. As the spirit of the old man appeared behind him. "You really are holy you know. Gods thing to cry when ending life. With that being said you did well young man you did well." Just as he gave Ghost a pat on the back he would vanish with the wind as Ghost liked on with a smile. He would return to report this mission as complete.

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