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    Honorable Death- The Death of a Time-tested Warrior. [Rashn's Second Job + Solo]


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    Honorable Death- The Death of a Time-tested Warrior. [Rashn's Second Job + Solo]

    Post by Blank on 11th July 2017, 12:29 am

    Job Information:
    Job Title: Honorable Death- The Death of a Time-tested Warrior.
    Rank: D-Rank Damage.
    Player Requirements: 1 D-Rank Mage Only, 1000 word count minimum
    Job Requirements: Slay the Warrior Honorably
    Job Location: Oshibana
    Job Description: One day, on the Post board, a Warrior posted a request: help him go onto the afterlife, with an honorable death. He, in the description of the request, said he cleared it with the Magic Council, so any Legal, or Neutral guild mage can fulfill the request.

    Boss: Ior Valiir, The Aged Warrior- This man, living 80 years, feels time take its' toll finally, and so put out the request, so that he goes to Valhalla, not Hel. He wields nothing but a plain kite shield, and a Double-Edged longsword. His shield will block 1 D-Rank damage, and his sword deals 1 D-Rank Damage. The man himself takes 1 D-Rank damage to kill.

    Reward: 1.5K Jewel. D-Rank XP

    -- credit to Aera Tylidae

    The day had finally came, it was one and only day so far in Rashn's life. That is after he had been lit in flames by a campfire, the elements hadn't even tried to drag him around at all. Those he is happy to have gotten a day off something doesn't feel right to him. But he wasn't about to do nothing with this wounder day that may never happen again. Those as he had starched his head slowly while trying to think of what to do. "Oh! Lets find a job to do, that should be for some good fun or at lest a little distraction." Rashn had grabbed his coat of the table that he was  standing next to in the guild hall of Infinity Hydra. Would be lying if he didn't think that it was very odd and worrisome  of a man so old to be talking to him self out loud. With a little sigh from being worried about his apparent to others, his face turned from an 'oh no' into a normal smiling 'goofball' face. The happy old man had headed for the broad with job flyers all over it. Rash still holding onto his coat within his left hand, while making it pretty easily up to the job board and starts looking all over it. There were plenty of fun looking job all over it that made it so hard for him to pick from them all. But there was this one out them all that caught his eyes with the words 'old man' on it. He reached over and pulled it off the board instantly after noticing  that it had to deal with and old person like he is at this time. "Didn't think there would be something like this up on the board. Might as well take this one on my self so that no one can say a 'youngest' bested him in battle even those this man willing wants to die in combat." With his mind made up, he throw his large coat over his back and shoulders so that he could make his way for the door. Then once outside he would head for the town of Oshibana by train on the railways.

    Augustin Slezák:
    The long train ride gave Rashn time to get plenty of rest, while he was laying a top the train due to not being able to fit inside of it. Which did make everyone on the train fear for their life's because they didn't know him. But what had feared them the most would be the sound of a monster like being with his loud snoring coming from above them all. At the last stop for this train was Oshibana which had been lucky for Rashn due to being a sleep the whole time. Once the train had fully stop, he waits till everyone out of the way and step out the top of the train which made a thud sound as he landed. Quickly looked around to find someone that looked like they worked at the station to see if they know where the old man was at. Then lucky right be hide him was a staff member that worked for the station that saw him looking around so came over to Rashn. "Do you need help sir?" The man had yelled just to make sure that Rash could hear him. As he turned around with a smile one his face, seeing that right kind of person he needed to talk to had found him in stand. "Yes youngster, I could use your help in aid of find the old man named 'Ior Valiir' that lives here." The man didn't liked being called 'youngster' but he understand that with age comes wisdom and the right to say things like that without meaning it in a mean way. "Well then you are in luck sir, the old man uses the forest to the right of town. Very easy to get to if you just exit this building and head forwards for a little bit an you will be there." Rashn smiles at the man once more before lightly padding the man on the back. "Thank you youngster, you were very helpful. So if you even need something and you see or know where I am just come get me right away. An if you want you are always welcome to join my family and be that of one of my many children to come." The man had been shocked at what was just said to him and in such a way that he was sure there was no lie or that the offer was fake. "Sure thing sir.. I mean pops, my name is Augustin Slezák." Rashn laughs a bit out of joy that is because he has found a starting member of his children and other family members. "Take it easy son, I'll be back in a bit after I go help the old man out." He waves goodbye to his newly found son as he exits the building and heads forward to the old man's home.

    Ior Valiir:
    Rashn comes up to this small looking hut that anything special, just you're normal old looking hut with a straw roof on it. To the right of the hut was what looked like tree logs just sticking out of the ground. They looked worn down by that of being hit by something blunt as well as something sharp because there were slice marks an chips of wood sticking out that could fall off at any time. He had taken in a deep breath so that he could yell as loud as he could to make sure the old guy could her him in case he was hard of hearing. "Ior Valiir! Come out here and fight me you old geezer!!" It seems the old guy had came out of the hut, he was bald with a super old person style bread going down to his knees of a greyish white color to it. He have no shirt on and it looked like he had been wearing a white and black gown that had been ripped or cut in half. The reason of that being that the gown only started from his waist down to his feet unlike most gowns that would cover from shoulder down to their feet. "Who you calling an old geezer! You young-" Ior had stopped speaking in his tracks when he saw Rashn, who was as old as him but a lot taller then him. "Ha! I guess it will be an old geezer throw down between us fossils, I can tell you're no push over so this should fun." Rashn had been smiling at Ior the while time with this young joyful look in his eyes. "It shall be great fun as well as one hell of an honorable battle!" The old man laughed while turning around to pick up his big wooden kite shield that had a rope attack to it and a sheathed sword. Ior draws out his sword and holds both it and the shield up ready for battle to start. Rashn holds out one hand point towards the ground an casts a magic circle on the ground but unlike most only magic circles this one takes the form of a sigil. The sigil is a mixture of blue an green and has a symbol for tear drop in the middle of it standing for the element of water. As the sigil slowly fades away the ground where it was a small puddle appears. Then a giant splash happens from the middle on the paddle where water goes every where as small creature jumps out of the paddle. The creature's body was made up nothing but pure water in a solid state, but it has these weird tree like horns coming how of its head and has no arms. With his other hand he flicks his wrist and two playing cards comes sliding out of his coat sleeves. As the card come flying out he quickly grabs them both one in each hand. The cards become in cased with water around them, while Rashn in cases him self with element of earth that shrouds around him in a earth aura. "Let the fun begin!" Right they had both took off with high speed towards one another ready to kill one another.

    Creature of the Puddle:
    Rashn and Ior clash against each other with fury, Rashn starts things off with throwing on of his playing cards at Ior. The old man blocked with ease as she just raised his shield up in front of him self. Little did he know that is what Rashn wanted him to do as makes a fist and slams into Ior's shield with pure strength be hide that was a enough to make the old stumble back a bit. "Dam! You made a powerful hit there, but don't count me out just yet." Ior yells as he recovers from the bash of Rashn's fist into his shield. Ior jumps right at Rashn and stashes at his body, the sword the old man had cut though the top layer of Rashn's tough skin like it was butter causes some deal of pain and damage. Rashn laughs as he is been cut crossed his chest by the old man's blade. "Now this is a fight worth of us old geezers! But don't forget about my little buddy!!" As Rashn had finished yelling back at Ior, the small creature had jumped into the air and slacked at Ior with his tail. The old man didn't have time to block the slap so he suffered a little pain an damage, but he was able to grab the creature by one of its horns and throw it back at the puddle it had came from. As the old man throw the creature that's when Rashn saw and opening and went in for an attack by throwing his over playing card at Ior but the card had just barely missed him. Rashn thinks about all the time he should have spend working on using his playing cards in combat but never did. None the less he wasn't that good with using them just yet so something like this was bond to happen from time to time. Ior thought for sure he was gonna get hit by the playing card but didn't, this was his time for a counter strike so he jumped back at Rashn once more swinging his sword. Rash had side stepped the swings and throw a powerful punch right had the man's right hand that was holding on his sword with. These had caused the old man to drop his sword into the ground but this doesn't mean that the old man was defenseless. Ior had bashed Rashn's side with his shield as he went in to try and kick the sword away from Ior. This time Rashn was the one would got stumbled back some but unlike Ior, he had fallen over due to being so tall.

    Rashn had quickly gotten back onto his feet, once more the giant man had began to laugh while having the biggest grin a crossed his face. "That was one hell of a power strike from a shield. This makes it even more fun!" They had kept attacking one another and trading blows over an over like it was nothing. Rashn being very careful to do his best to dodge the slashing of the old man's blade and Ior being very careful of the playing card flying at him and blocking them with his shield. They just kept at it for hours of attacking one another, dodging, and stumbling about from being stroke with such force. Those they are both very old, they have been keeping their body is great health giving them the stamina to fight with another like if they were still youngsters themselves. The creature that had been thrown into the puddle that it had came from by Ior had finally awoken from being knocked out from it hitting the ground head first. The little creature began to get this real sour look on its face as it tends to do once it has been made angry. While the two old geezers are trading blow for blow, the creature quickly rolls around on the ground where all the water was slapped every where. As it rolled all over the ground the water attaches its self to it's body. Once fully cloaked in water the creature stud but and charged at Ior. Rashn had notice the creature coming an had force Ior to stumble back some with a full force strike of his fist at the center of the old man's shield. As it had gotten close enough to Ior, it had jumped and went flying though the air with a motion of a headbutt that was perfectly aimed at the old man. Luckily Ior had saw what was going on just after being forced back by Rashn, the old man just barely had enough time to block the powerful attack with his shield. Those the creature speed and forced of the strike was like that of a cannon ball it had broke though the shield reducing it to nothing more then splinters on the ground. Unluckily for the creature the impact of its head and the wood had knocked its self out and fallen back to the ground. "You will pay for that little one!" The old man had said as she quickly slashed violetily at the creature's body over an over. Seeing how it was not even about to get back up and Rashn didn't even have the time to due a counter strike to save his 'little buddy'. The creatures body had turned back into water and soaked into the ground that seemed like it had die or something like that.

    "Now it's your turn to pay you old fool!" At this moment Rashn had been engorged in his own angry to what had to by done to his 'little body'. He charged at the old man with as much forced as he could maintain and slammed his fist at Ior's hand that was holding on to his sword. The impact of fist to the hand had made the sound of cracking bones. Which had forced Ior to drop the sword and cry out in pain loudly. That is before, both of them were lost in the rage of battle and started trading blows once more but this time it was just them fight hand to hand style. Without either of them caring or being mindful of the damage they were both severing each other. After going at it with so much speed and fury for so long they both had to stop for a second as they both were breathing very heavily. Once their breathing had slowed down, they both looked at each other with a smile on their faces. Both of could tell that neither of them had enough strength at their age to keep going at it forever. At the same time they both yelled out extremely loudly at each other. "THIS WILL BE THE FINAL ASSAULT!" They both took over with such force they broke a part of the earth below their feet at take off. Their fists clashed with such force that it make a crackling sound ripple though the air. While at the same time the shroud around Rashn began to make its own sound that, he knew what was about to happen and it wouldn't be fair but this is a death battle that the old man wanted. Rashn let out a loud booming voice of a yell with no words as the shroud around him blasted outwards with such force it sent the old man flying back. Ior had been so worn out that he didn't even at tamped to try and block this form of attack. The force at sent Ior's body flying into one of his three logs sticking out of the ground. While breathing heavily once more, Rashn had walked over to Ior's body at had just been knocked up against one of the log. "May you rest in piece my friend." Those they weren't friends but he could talk in there fight like most men can share feeling best with their fist that they had became good friends. An only a friend can really another friend to rest peacefully and with there honor in tacked.

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