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    Once upon a Time Chapter:8 Visit The Village


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    Once upon a Time Chapter:8 Visit The Village Empty Once upon a Time Chapter:8 Visit The Village

    Post by Ghost Fri 8 Mar - 20:01


    As Ghost finished up his much-adored sandwich he could not help but notice the mission board was getting rather full. Most of his fellow guild mages are off doing what they do best. So at last only him and a hand full of other wizards here could answer the calls for a wizard. Not just any wizard but one of the famed fairy tail. As Ghost sat stood up to go get a glass of water. A young woman would quickly rush into the guild hall. This caught Ghost eyes as he liked on to her. She would appear to be battle worn and out of breathe.

    Ghost looked on as she slowly walked towards the request board. With what appears to be a job request she would slowly hang it up. Trying to put it over another job request. As she finally did so she would wobble which caught his eyes as well. She would nearly fall over as started to wobble. As he leaned back Ghost would be there to catch her fall. She would look up as he started to use his God Slayer magic move Sky God: Breath of fresh air. Slowly trying to mend her wounds tending to do them. Helping her best he could. As he looks on he would pick her up to take her to the guild rooms. "My master is gonna rip me a new one for this. But best get you better aid. I only healed what I could." As he held on to her she would start to steam up.

    Ghost saw this but the girl did not feel hot at all. She would slowly grab on to his shirt. "Please you have to stop this dark guild by the name of Red Light. They are planning on killing the mayor of River villages to boost their rep-" Ghost looked on at this somewhat shocked just as the girl was telling him this. She would stop midway explaining herself."What do you mean who is Red Light and why would they attack a mayor? Hey, can you hear me say something can you speak? She looked on at Ghost who held her for a good five minutes. Soon she would start to turn to ashes. Falling out of Ghost arms. This shocked him all the way as he turned to look at the job request.

    He would slowly walk over to the job board picking up the job request. ", Best I tell my master about this one. But damn it she forever M.I.A. Wait what about the Aces no they about gone as well." As he turns around to see the ashes of the girl on the floor his eyes would grow even shocker as he started to grin. Looking down at the ground and into the ashes. He would see a familiar symbol in the ashes. He would smile as he began to think to himself. "You know what I think I can handle this one myself." He would say with an almost sinister voice. Looking on he would leave making his way to River Village.

    Arriving at the village about one hour later Ghost looked around and saw nothing out of place. Simply people just going on about their lives and what not. He would sit there and begin to think to him. Falling right back to lay on the cold hard stone ground. Looking up to the clouds Ghost was a bit worn out. But clearly, he was still angry as he slowly closed his eye. A few people would come over to check on him but realized he was alright. A few hours would pass as he started to wake up. He would begin to stretch out his body to relax his muscles more. Popping his neck as he gave a big smile. Thinking about the guild mark he had seen on that girl job request. It was the mark  that demon had on his arm. The mark of a demon who killed his mother all those years ago.

    As he stood up he was wearing to continue his search for the Red Light guild. But right then luck would strike him. As he looked over he saw two people in robes very blood red robes. But to his surprise, they both had the very same marks on their backs. He gave off a big smile as he took off in the air. The wind blowing beneath his feet. Following the two from high above it was getting too easy for him. Soon the duo would make it to a building. It was old yet it had the mark of that demon flying high on the guild flag.  Ghost anger was starting to increase as he saw this. "This is crazy look how close I'm getting to that loser mother. I promise I will avenge your death mark my words."

    Come would slowly fly down to the front of the building. It was at this moment he saw two more wizards of this guild. He gave off a smile as the wind was picking up. Having his hands together he said nothing as wind came around them. Quickly the two wizards would jump in front of him. Demanding to know what was he doing there? Ghost smiled then gave a frowning slime. "Why do people vote for the bad side oh please just tell me why?

    Ghost was thrilled as he looked on at them soon a tornado would come about. Lift the two mages up without problems. Ghost smiled as he made the tornado move forward. The large size of it began to rip the inside of the old building down. He looked on as he notice the wind cooling down. Already using his Sky God Tornado a more demon like feeling came over Ghost. He would notice another group of dark mages rushing at him. He would bite down on his bottom lip so much so that a little blood would come out of it. Giving off a smile he would call forth the wind again. As it began to rush in from the door it would hit the incoming group of wizards. "Sky God Hurricane Wave." Ghost would smile as he looked around to see the place in pieces..

    The building itself was starting to fall apart. His surprise attack did more damage then he thought. He would turn around to walk away. Ghost would hear someone clapping. This caused him to stop and turn back around just to see who. As he looked up he saw a very tall man standing there. He had on a long white cloak with the hood on. He would stop clapping as he put on his blue demon mask. This mask had the same marking as from that girl job request from earlier. This really caused Ghost to get heated. "WHERE IS HE...WHERE IS HE RIGHT NOW!!!" The man looked on at him and under his mask was a smiling face. " Tell you what child of the sky. If you beat me I will tell you anything you want to know." That responds caused Ghost to fly right at him in rage. Meanwhile, a group of ten rune knights was headed towards Ghost and the dark guild he is fighting.

    Ghost would look on at as his tornado was starting to bring down the hideout of Red Light. Ghost would then jump at him using his Sky God Hurricane Punch. He would try to hit the man in the chest. But the man was quick to react as he turned to lightning the moment Ghost attack hit him. The Ghost would let out a small roar as he was in pain. The man was jumping around the room as Ghost was trying to keep up with him. "Just what the heck are demons doing in a town like this. Better yet just why the heck is you all following that loser for?" The man looked at him and could only smile as he reformed into his body form.

    "We came here to gain a reputation. On top of that who we follow is no business of yours. Besides, not all of us are demons just a select few like that wannabe Bloom who sent you here." As he was talking Ghost rage would get the better of him. Sure he just spoil their plans to take out the mayor. But the fact is his mother killer was now leading a guild maybe. Ghost had a lot to think about. But soon he would summon his Sky God Hurricane Wave. Causing a giant gust of wind to blow his at the man. A man name he did not even know. This attack caused the already broken down building to fall apart. Just as the pieces were falling the wind take them.

    The man looked on as he turned back into lightning. Ghost was now starting to breathe a little harder after using so many spells. But he was still hanging on as the man started to laugh. Ghost would get angry as the masked man made the demonic symbol using his lightning on the ground. "Good you stop Red Light this time. However next time my guild main wizards will be with me and not these lackeys. I will see you around Ghost Century Gates." Ghost looked on as he let out a loud war cry. Watching as the man vanished with the lightning.

    Just as the rune knights arrived Ghost was there surrounded by defeated members of the Red Light guild. Sure he gained a victory but in the end, he was defeated. Explaining everything to the rune knights. Who asked him what had gone down here? Ghost did his part maybe even gaining more of a reputation. Good, he will need it sooner rather than later. The Red Light dark guild could have caused a major panic today lucky a Fairy Tail wizard answered the call.


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