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    Once upon a Time Chapter:9 Attack On Plants


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    Once upon a Time Chapter:9 Attack On Plants Empty Once upon a Time Chapter:9 Attack On Plants

    Post by Ghost 16th April 2019, 4:52 am

    Once upon a Time Chapter:9 Attack On Plants T37155-attack-on-plants

    Flying throughout the skies of Hargeon Town Ghost was on yet another mission. This time he was to stop a plant-based wizard. Who had created a giant tree monster of sort? Ghost wasn't really worried seeing as he was one vote off of the rising star list. Looking on he was ready for action. But first, he had to find the wizard who was responsible for all of this plant damage. This little quest excited Ghost as he walked on. Because it takes time and effort to be a nature-based wizard. Ghost wonder who could it be. All was known of the wizard was that. She was a female in her mid to late forties.

    So to pinpoint the reason this wizard would turn rouge is that it could be a mid-life crisis or something. Ghost had all sorts of ideas of how he could find the wizard at large. Spreading out his wings he would then fly to the top of a nearby building. Looking around for any signs of the wizard in question. Ghost was ready to make a new name for himself. Luck would it the wizard at large was right on a nearby building. Ghost could see her the way she was acting was strange.

    True she could just be a regular garden plant person. But the way she screaming die to all humans and the fact that the plant monster is literally crawling down the building she on. That's all Ghost needed to take her on. So now he will just have to engage but how could he do such a thing. This woman was on the verge of becoming a full-blown threat. Ghost was sure his time magic could stop her. But first, he needs to let the tree monster thing go away. Looking on at her he would simply float down behind her.

    Ghost would listen on as the old hag didn't even notice he was behind her. She was talking to someone through the use of a plant like orb. Ghost would hear her high pitch voice yet it was hasty as well. "Lord Zion I will prove to you once and for all. That I Shelly The Nature. Is true for you." That was quite easier then he thought. Ghost would soon make his presence known to the enemy here. As she turned around he was shocked to her big long nose. Trying his best not to stare at her as he looked on he would give a smile. "So you summon a big tee monster because?" He would ask in a playful yet serious tone.

    She said nothing at first as she looked at him. Simply licking her licks. This had Ghost nearly barfing up his beast fast all at once. But he had to stay strong. She would walk a little closer as Ghost simply flew back a little. She would give a grim smile ad she started to laugh. "You see boy my lord will soon make his return and all will pay dearly." Ghost would nod his head yet has not a clue of who her lord is. He did, however, hear her say a name by Lord Zion. Could this Lord Zion be her master or whatever you call it. Still, Ghost was going through his memory and for the life of him could not. Come up with who this Lord Zion guy was. He would raise his hand as a way to get ready to talk. As the old witch pointed at him as if she gave him permission."So you say your name is Shelly and may I ask who is your master this Lord Zion you speak of?" He would ask with a dumb look on his face.

    She would look at him as if he was not serious. However, Ghost was as serious as can be. This angered her even more. As now he was mocking her dear master name in itself. Her eyes glared at him like a snake at a rat. Putting her hands behind her back. She would start to recall her plant monster back to her. Slowly the havoc-causing monster would return to her. Looking on at Ghost she would smile. "Oh but it's ok you for what I was thinking. It had me thinking as well. I truly dislike you in every way and I only just met you. You foolish little boy. You see Lord Zion the most powerful being to ever exist is well the all mighty. But for your mockery, you will die this day. Brace yourself, boy, because death has come for you." Ghost was still dumbfounded at what was going on. As he looked on he would throw the peace sign up as he smiled at her.

    "How about we just knock all of this bull off and call it a day. You see you are already in trouble you looking at at least 20 years. Keep going old lady and you will be doing life." She looked on at him and smiled a grim smile. "I am really fine with that until then how about I take your life." Just as she said that her plant monster would strike at Ghost. Impaling him from behind. Ghost was shocked at this as he slowly looked down. With blood gushing out of him. Blood would spill out of his mouth as well. Ghost would slowly look up to the old lady. Who by now was waving at him. Just then the plant monster would lift him up as the old lady would smile at the nearly defeated Ghost. "Do you see now boy all of your troubles will go away once your life leaves your body understand me." Ghost looked down at her as he gave her the peace sign. Soon the plant monster would throw Ghost far away from Shelly.

    As that Ghost went flying away from the duo. Shelly did not realize another version of Ghost was creeping up behind her. This Ghost was no more real or fake than the other one she just took out. He was still the same time wizard. Speaking of time magic that was what he was using. Time magic Time Worlds with this very move he is able to make time versions of himself. Surely she didn't think he would just kill over. The smile on her face was of one who won the day. However, it was not yet won nor was it her day. As he took out his stave he would throw it to the ground. As a magic circle came about followed by another one. Quickly trapping the two Shelly was a bit shocked as the plant monster roared."
    TimeKeeper: 2 Layer Comso Beam"
    The magic beam would cause the two circles to form. Entrap ping them both.

    "Struggle all you want you foolish old hag. But nobody escapes my magic." Shelly looked on but before she could even talk Ghost would active his stave second ability. "TimeKeeper: 2 Layer Solar Beam " Soon an energy beam of pure light would come crashing down on the two. Ghost watched in amazement as Shelly went down for the count. However, her plant monster would still be moving. Ghost would see this as he jumped up the moment the plant monster pinched at him. Slow with its speed Ghost would smile as he started the flow of time. Ghost would fly up as the plant monster started to follow him on the ground. Soon Ghost would cause the time to explode as the monster tool full damage by it. The pain the beast had to have been in as he took that attack.

    Ghost would smile as the plant monster slowly came at him. Still trying to hang on to dear life but it was meaningless. He knew this job was all but dine as he started to walk towards the plant monster. Time would start to slow down as Ghost got closer to the plant monster. Holding out his right hand he was preparing to end the beast life. Smiling as the monster came his way he would dash as it. Time Magic Time Strike was the last move it took to finish off this beast. As it was hit more times over yet only one strike would be what ended it. Case closed Ghost of fairy tail defeated such a beast. Just another to add to his list of feats. Soon the run knights would arrive on the spot to see the battle already won. Ghost would smile at them as he gave off his pose of victory. Last he would stop time as he restarted it he was gone with the wind. This left the rune knights a bit confused at how he did that.


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