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    Passport Skermish


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    Passport Skermish Empty Passport Skermish

    Post by Zachary-Sirius 31st January 2019, 4:52 pm

    To Earthland and Beyond

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    The trip to Rose Garden was easy for Zachary, thanks to the company of his little friends. As he rode the train into the station, which was only an hour ride from Magnolia, he arrived to the city of magic. The sites were something else to behold, even for Zachary. When he arrived in Magnolia, that felt like it had more life than his home town of Sleepy Hollow. Here magic exploded everywhere in mutiple colors, attractions, shops and anything else you could imagine. It was no wonder it was called the Gardens for its wild assort ion of color and even the surrounding area of the city.

    THough in its spirit form, Ruby Carbuncle, a tiny spirit that Zachary kept around almost constantly, was in awe of the bright color and sound as he watched from atop his master's shoulder. Though the trip was boring to Zachary, he was encouraged to get a pass port so if his travels took him beyond Fiore, he could go anywhere he wished. It seemed like a good idea and his guild mates did encourage him to do it.

    Out of all the buildings, it was the least decorated of the ones, but he entered. He was lucky that the line was not long and only four or five people were in that time of afternoon. The sooner he got it done, the sooner he could enjoy the roses -- pun intended-- and return back to the guild.

    He only had to show his guild emblem and a few of his usual forms. The only thing was the picture-- which most people never really enjoyed. However, he thought it be fun to include Ruby in the picture as well. Though unorthodox, the man let the spirit in. THe photo when it came out revealed to be a fine looking one-- though a spirit didn't come out well in camera as showed even more transparant as Ruby appeared. In the end, the camera man asked to have it removed.

    The second shot went a bit smoother as Ruby merely waited near Zachary's feet. In the end, it wasn't a photoshoot but an official photo. It would be one of those things his mother would insist on doing things properly for the sake of legality. He never understood that. He liked expression and sharing-- least of all seeing any harm having Ruby or any of his spirits involved in a photo.

    After the boring tediousness of waiting, Zachary got his passport. It felt like a very mature thing to do, making him feel less like a kid at his age of 15. He felt as if he was becoming part of a bigger world now as he slipped the passport into his jacket pocket. As he gave Ruby a gentle pat on the head, he went to grab some of Rose Garden's famous lavender ice cream before he would return back to the train station to return to Magnolia.

    As he rode back from Rose Garden, he saw the view of the city in the sunlight, the magic crystals that were everywhere on its spireing buildings radiated and glowed brightly in the afternoon like a multi-colored sunset. He would return in the future for some R&R , enjoying the site and the fun it would be sure to have in store for him. For now, he was happy as Ruby napped in his lap.

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