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    Arc of Cosmos


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    Arc of Cosmos Empty Arc of Cosmos

    Post by Zachary-Sirius on 17th April 2019, 5:52 pm

    Arc of Cosmos

    Arc of Cosmos O72dB5B

    Magic Type:
    Solitary Lost Magic

    One of the earliest forms of magic and one that intimately related to what is known as "Heavenly Body Magic". Also commonly referred to as "Astromancy", this kind of magic works by conjuring the energies of the night sky, outer space, and the cosmos through the body of the caster. While Heavenly Body magic is easily learnable, this form takes it a step higher in its ability to draw on the same energy of the stars similar to how Celestial Spirits use their magic. This magic was once practiced by a lost kingdom from over a millennium ago, but after its mysterious destruction, vanished from the history books.

    By relation, it has similar techniques to Heavenly Body Magic-- able to conjure beams of starlight, black holes, fly and use celestial energy for a variety of uses. However, in addition to this, its only its basic features. One of the stronger forms of the Arc of Cosmos, is in its ability to draw on the same stars that Celestial Spirits use which govern their powers. Unlike Celestial Spirit Magic, this form of magic does not require a contract and can be used freely, but in combination with those spirits, the power behind these spells can do much more. The effects on drawing on "Zodiac spells" as they are called, is they are far more versatile, from conjuring different elements specific to those stars or effects based on the nature of the constellation. Often to perform these spells, the user must draw the constellation out before them,usually with a hand or wand of some sort.

    The strongest manifestation of this magic is the use of Planet spells. Spells that draw on the macrocosm which govern our universe. These spells are among the most powerful-- however, requires far more complicated conditions and side-effects on the caster.

    One who draws on this magic wields the unfathomable might of the cosmos itself...

    First Magic:

    Celestial Spirit Magic

    Magic Benefits:

    +3 posts to spell Durations, +25% to MP costs (increase to Durations/MP costs only applies to the lost magic itself not the character).

    Arc of Cosmos GTbnu0o

    Unique Abilities:

    • Macro-Cosmos: Based off the earliest astronomers that made the first planetarium, this spell allows the caster to create a myriad of star-shaped satellites around the caster as foci for one's magic. Through this manipulation of star-like objects, one's spellcasting is amplified and can channel Celestial Power easier. The caster creates a number of star-shaped satellites which channel the caster's spells. These stars move at the will of the caster and allow omnidirectional and orientation combat at far ranges. The stars move to a maximum of Rank AOE range. While active, the stars increase spell speed by X% and range by X% (Advance Rank appropriate divided values up to S rank) This effect will have a duration equivalent of rank Advance spell rules, and has a 5 post cooldown at the end.

      Rules: Caster will not be able to move while the effect is active till H Rank. Certain spells will gain extra effects while this effect is active. These satellites can be targeted and destroyed via 3 spells of equal rank to dispell this effect.  Magic Benefit can be used, but must pay 25% of Rank spell to trigger.

      Arc of Cosmos 6IZbNsjArc of Cosmos UxLOp0m

    • Zodiac Sign:The Arc of Cosmos has extremely strong ties to the Celestial Spirit World. When one of their kind is summoned by the caster of this magic-- the power of the spirit aids the user of Arc of Cosmos. Whenever the user has a Celestial Spirit/Summon out,  the cost of Arc of Cosmos spells become 50% less. In addition, while the said spirit is out, the caster will gain 5% MP regeneration.

    • S- Rank Ability:LOCKED


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