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    ❆❅Here Comes Santa Claus❅❆ (Event Job - Aven)


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    ❆❅Here Comes Santa Claus❅❆ (Event Job - Aven) Empty ❆❅Here Comes Santa Claus❅❆ (Event Job - Aven)

    Post by SeaGlass on 25th December 2018, 5:52 pm

    5 Year Old Arcadia:

    ❆❅Here Comes Santa Claus❅❆ (Event Job - Aven) 7DiFE06

    Arcadia sat bolt upright in bed, her heart still racing from fright. She'd had such real prophetic dreams from her mother, Khione Glacier, before, but this one was far different. It wasn't some cryptic lead or even direct guidance. No, this time was a plea for help. Something or someone was disturbing her mother's final resting place among the ruins of Dragnof. Her first thoughts were to rush for big sister's help, but Nessa out of town on some mission. Arcadia's new dimensional scissors might allow big sister to be found straight away, but she might not be able to help right away. This couldn't wait, whatever was threatening her mother's eternal rest could have moved on by then.

    Big brother Aven also immediately popped to mind, but life had prevented them from doing little more than maybe practicing magic from time to time. Except for that one time before Arcadia was on big sister's team, when they lost track of Aven going after the parfume spy who had been caught in Fairy Hills. Arcadia's own embarrassment, and maybe Nessa's, pretty much dictated that incident never be spoken of again. She would have to hope against hope that he wasn't already off on the same mission or  another one too, because after Nessa and Aven, her teammates, there was no one else she trust implicitly with the location of Dragnof.

    She could possibly come to trust other Fairy Tail guildmates, but the location of her ruined birthplace  was a secret she wanted kept at all costs. Secrets kept themselves better when fewer people knew them. True, much of Arcadia's implicit trust in Aven came because she knew Nessa trusted him so much. That earned Arcadia's trust by default.

    Little Arcadia threw off her covers, and rushed to get dressed.  First thing she tucked the glowing crystal rose Ruvel had given her behind her left ear. Still groggy, she had put on one of her old larger dresses, but forgot to put her new Vahallan artifact on her ankle. She wore it as a bracelet instead.

    The Silver Star of Odin provided Arcadia with its main benefits no matter how she wore it. In the short time it had been with her, however, Arcadia had discovered at least one other side effect that only occurred when worn on her ankle.  Worn on her ankle, the Silver Star had the extra side effect of restoring the pale blonde slayer to her normal teenage appearance. Worn anywhere else or removing it from her ankle, she remained little.

    It took her a moment to realize she looked more like a girl playing dress up than a Fairy Tail mage responding to an emergency. Arcadia removed the divine charm jewelry from her wrist, and quickly put it down around her ankle.  In only a moment she had grown back to normal, and threw her small caplet  around her shoulders. Grabbing her iLac and her other recently acquired artifact, a whimsically designed pair of red scissors, from her bedside night stand.

    5 Year Old Arcadia ➳ 14 Year Old Arcadia:

    ❆❅Here Comes Santa Claus❅❆ (Event Job - Aven) VFuzAKq

    Pocketing her iLac, she held her Dimensional Scissors in her left hand. If they worked as advertised, they should let her find Aven, simply by concentrating on him. So she kept her mind focused on Aven, while opening the scissors and snipping at the empty air in front of herself. The blades cut open a portal big enough for her to walk through.

    Not knowing how she would find Aven with an hour before the sun came up, she closed her eyes  and walked on through the portal. If there was more time, she could have gone about a more traditional, less potentially intrusive way of finding her teammeate. The trouble with some prophetic dreams was not always knowing exactly how much time she had. Time as of import, and her voice  carried a sense of urgency as she called out after walking out the exit portal with her eyes closed tight. A couple quiet tears seeping from her eyes despite being closed as she  called for his help. The portal closed itself behind her.  ”Aven! Aven?! Aven? I need your help! I think someone could be d- de- desecrating my mom's remains, and disturbing her rest.”

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    ❆❅Here Comes Santa Claus❅❆ (Event Job - Aven) 3FQiytD

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