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    Hired Muscle


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    Hired Muscle Empty Hired Muscle

    Post by Medeia 18th August 2018, 2:51 pm


    It was the first time that she had ever visited Motor City but Sarisha had taken a liking to the place quickly, mainly because she had been offered a job pretty much the moment that she had arrived. It seemed that she was beginning to make a name for herself among mages, one that she was proud of in a way. Apparently, she was seen as a bloodthirsty monster who seemed to cause chaos everywhere she went, which was not all that far from the truth. The list of those that she had killed seemed to be growing by the minute and the purple haired mage had no intention of that stopping any time soon. She was getting in to her stride, both as a mage and as a God. She was becoming more detached from humanity as time went on and it was almost as if normal people were simply insect to her now, an opinion that her Godly partner had believed for eon's. Perhaps it was sinking in to Sarisha's mind too? Either way, she was hardly concerned by that and enjoying her new life.

    Coming to a halt outside a restaurant, Sarisha turned towards her employer for the day, a thug named Theobold, who nodded his head towards the place before entering, the mage following him in. It was pretty nice place and seemed to have a fair share of customers although they soon exited the place when they noticed the pair. Clearly, Theobold's reputation had preceded him and knew what was about to happen. The owner of the place soon appeared and began exchanging words with the thug. Sarisha, on the other hand, stepped away and began to walk around the establishment, summoning a whip of water as she did so. The two men soon began to scream and shout and that was when the mage started to strike at the furniture with the whip, destroying tables and chairs, pictures on the wall, flowers that decorated the place.

    The owner rushed towards her in an attempt to stop her but the God simply cracked the whip towards him and the moment it struck the man, wrapped around him. With a smile, Sarisha pulled him towards her violently, causing him to tumble to the floor, before reeling him and delivering a sharp kick to his stomach. Theobold soon joined her and had his fun as well, resulting in the pair of them using the owner as a football. The owner was completely defenceless and by the time that the two were done, he was little more than a twitching mess. Theobold then moved around to the shop till, opened it up and took every jewel that was inside it. After a stern warning, the pair then left the restaurant, heading for their next destination.

    The second place was in a far worse condition, a dingy store that sold car parts. It looked like a dump from the outside and when they entered the place, it certainly was inside. Sarisha doubted that anyone would even want to shop in such a foul place but Theobold made it clear to her that it was a profitable place. In fact, the amount that was owed to him was far more here than had been at the restaurant. Not that Sarisha cared all that much. Her mind was solely on her jewel balance, not this poor swine who owned this place. A weasel of a man soon approached them, spectacled and pathetic looking, begging for Theobold's forgiveness. The thug was having none of it though and Sarisha was soon entertaining herself again by destroying the place. Launching car parts around and drenching everything with her water techniques. As for the owner, one hit from Theobold was enough to shut him up and after some crying and moaning, he sprinted to the back and gave the thug what he owed him. Without another word, the pair then left.

    The job was done and Theobold soon gave the mage what he had owed her and even offered her a permanent job with his organisation. Sarisha naturally declined, knowing that settling down was just not for her. Life on the road was far more enjoyable and Valara would never allow it anyway. Her partner wanted adventure and Sarisha was more than happy to give it to her. That was the deal that they had made with each other, after all.

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