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    Hired Muscle||Solo Empty Hired Muscle||Solo

    Post by kittykool75 3rd October 2016, 6:58 pm

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    "Took ya' long enough to get 'ere" said the well-built thug, Theobold Thawn, looking at the tall teenager with a permanent scowl on his scarred face. The assassin just rolled his eyes, placing his hands into his hoodie's pocket, stopping in front of him and shifting all of his weight onto one foot. "Lucky for you that I even came, so you shouldn't complain" saying with with a smug smirk on his pale complexion, and in a rather snarky tone. Rolling his own eyes, the thug muttered something like 'kids these days' before turning around. "Well you better be good at yer job" Theo said harshly, leading the way to wherever he may be headed. The young adult decided to not reply to that statement, figuring to much snarky remarks would get him fired, and he hasn't even started his job yet! So best not to anger his current employer, he could be useful for later, what that may be is unknown to me.
    Following the thug down the streets, people stayed away, Lucius didn't blame them for avoiding. A five foot ten rather muscular, and infamous thug who had a permanent glare on his tanned face. Along with a almost seven foot young adult, dressed fully in black, as his bodyguard. Yeah the young adult's face not be well known, but just seeing him you would know that he is not someone you want to messing with. It was a weird medium for the assassin, at times he was the most feared person around, nobody wanted to get close to him. Then the other time he would be walking down the street with two woman hooked on his arms, just begging for his body. Though it was odd, it was something the teenager had learned to get used to as his life as an assassin. He was both feared and loved, well not in the proper way, his body was more loved then his personality. The only type of people that would like his personality would be idiots or masochists, one or the other.
    Pushing the doors open to a small time shop, Theobold walked in like he owned the place, which wasn't far off. Lucius followed in behind him, ducking under the doorway of which was a few inches to short for him. Watching silently, with a cold and calculating icy blue gaze, as the thud slammed his large hand on the counter. The shop owner shaking in fear as he stared at the familiar face of the man who often stole his money. "Pay up punk" he said, practically with a growl. The cowardly shop owner took no time to disobey him or try to protest against it, tripping over to the cash register, he push a couple buttons that made the money tray pop out. Jumping slightly from the sudden noise from it, even though he should've been used to it by now, but it was mostly because of the two, very threatening people. Pulling all the money out of the cash register, he put it in a bag and with shaking hands, handed it to Thawn. Taking it bluntly, he turned, leaving with no other words. Following his exampled, he shot one last glare at the shop keeper, that probably made him piss his pants, before leaving the building.
    Not much small talk happened as they made their way across Motor City, to the next shop of which he got his money from. Pathetic really, going to random small businesses, beating them up from some money then leaving. It was like a bully beating up the nerdy kid for some chump change, though it was how this man made his living the assassin guessed. And not that he should be one to judge to harshly, an assassin or mercenary for hire that sleeps around for information and a place to sleep for the night. So he stayed silent, he wasn't to proud of his current situation, but he was used to it. Not saying he enjoys it, probably being the only man on earth that doesn't enjoy sex that much, just saying that he is used to it.
    It was a long ways away to get to this building, practically on the other side of the city if not. Though Lucius would've preferred to be calmly drinking tea in silence, he was stuck taking this job for some jewels. It's not that it was that hard of a job, it was just the fact that he had to do something for somebody, the teenager has never been one for wanting to follow other people's orders and such. He isn't really even the type that wants to command people either, the young adult would rather be all alone in a place of complete solitude. Somewhere far away from everybody, where nobody could bother him, and where his precious sister couldn't get hurt because of him. Releasing a sigh, trying to get his mind off of her, probably the only person he has ever felt bad for hurting. She didn't deserve any pain that she has experienced because of him, yet she took it willingly to help out her younger brother. You would think that people would care because said sibling is adopted, that they wouldn't go to such lengths to protect them, and keep them from harm. But not Astrid, she was like an angel sent down from heaven, to perfect for this world, especially him, he didn't deserve a sister like her. Not that he really believed heaven existed, still contemplating that, not that he would have to worry about that, because no way he would ever go to that place. To be honest, he didn't really want to, he doesn't mind being who he is now, he doesn't want to 'repent' or any of that crap.
    Finally, after a good thirty to forty minutes of walking and barely any small talk, thankfully, they had arrived at the second shop. It was nicer looking, cleaner, and seemed to be slightly above middle class if you know what I mean. Though Theobold Thawn did that same thing as last time, pushing open the doors, strutting across the recently mopped floor with to the brim confidence. Slamming the counter, louder then the last one he did at the previous store, he glared at the young adult at the counter and said "Pay up" though you could see they were frightened, you could also see that they wouldn't willingly give up their money as easily as the last person. Sadly for them and their determination to keep their money, that is why Lucius was here, to 'convince' them into doing so. After trying the same thing again, and with the man refusing, the thug gestured with his head. Telling the assassin to ruff them up, do what he was hired to do. Smiling a rather innocent looking smile, he cracked his knuckles before reaching out and grabbing the collar of the clerk. Lifting them up and yanking them to their side of the counter, before slamming them into the wooden flooring. The shock of the attack made them loose their breath, of which the assassin payed no mind to before he continued to ruff the young man up by punching him repeatedly in the face. Stopping after a few punches, the young adult lifted him up and pinned him to the wall.
    The dark mage could hear Theo snickering behind him as he landed a punch, with his free hand, into the shop owner's stomach. The pure force of it made the young man cough up saliva and even a few droplets of blood. With a slight smile spread less innocently and comfortably on his pale complexion, the young adult asked in a threatening tone "Pay up" in a way it was much more threatening the Theo, because you knew that he wasn't afraid to do some damage. With a face of regret for giving up, the young man nodded, and the assassin let go, letting them fall to their knees on the ground. Taking a bit to regain themselves, they forcibly pushed themselves up, and the man staggered over behind the counter whilst holding his stomach. Only having to wait another minute or two before the thug received his much wanted cash, laughing, Theobold Thawn lead the two of them out of the building. Seeing the ruffing up of the clerk as quite amusing, walking farther away and into an alleyway. The thug wore a grin that wasn't well suited to his constantly glaring eyes "Who knew that would be fun, eh?" asking a rather rhetorical question, the man chuckled as he pulled out some of the jewels to give to Lucius. Not responding, just glad that he got this job done, he took his coins. Smiling he said to Theo "I do hope we meet again, just under more preferable circumstances." the assassin said. This statement confused the elder man, twisting his face to show this, he asked "What?" of which the young adult just laughed slightly, smiling innocently, then turning around and walking away. Many could take a guess to what this 'preferable circumstances' means, but only a few may be right, though if you know this dark mage, it would be rather obvious.

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