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    Hired Muscle [ Job ]


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    Hired Muscle [ Job ] Empty Hired Muscle [ Job ]

    Post by Kiwi 14th October 2018, 8:54 am

    "Okay, sounds good, thanks mate, the job will be done". For whatever reason, Kijuro was working with a scum who has developed quite the business, considering the nature of his job. Two shops weren't paying him, the thugs that were supposed to pick up the money weren't there so it was an excellent chance for him to at least earn some spare cash.

    "Okay, this is the first shop, make sure you teach him a lesson". Without a word being spoken, he walked inside, the shopkeeper's blistering grin fading as soon as he realized what's going on.

    "Right, so apparently, you owe him money, please, give it to him now". Lip twisted in a smirk, Kijuro moved in front of the man, leaning on his right hand while waiting for a response. It had its fair share of costumers, all with a puzzled gaze aimed towards the two. Theobold's reputation was not a thing to mock it seems, the man quickly dropping bags of jewels in front of them. "Not enough...You really think I'm someone you can mess around with? Kijuro...Handle this please".

    "Yes, sir!". 

    Cracking his knuckles, perhaps even stretching a bit. "Nice place...I'm sorry to do this buddy, but you know, money pays the bills". A breath caught in his throat, causing him to look away. "Earth Demon's Stomp!". A tremendously large magical circle forms beneath them, the costumers quickly escaping. With one big stomp, the earth spreads out, forming something similar to a tidal wave, destroying the humble shop completely, leaving it in ruins. The crying face of the man walked past both of them, dropping on his knees right next to the fallen corpse of his job.

    "Well, let's get going, shall we? Sorry friendo for that, it is his fault, he is paying me!". A sorrow taste was left in his mouth. He didn't like what he just did, but, it was still part of the deal and he has to uphold it. 

    "Ahh...Good job there, he actually gave me enough, but I just didn't like him". 

    "That's quite the brave move, you're a real sick bastard ain'tcha?". The pair sank into the conversation, and within moments, they passed the second shop. "We missed it, go back!"

    What awaited them was a dreadful face of a man who apparently knows how it will go, so, before Kijuro even had the chance to do anything, he punched Theobold who was walking right next to Kijuro. 

    "Ayuh, that was a pretty good cross, but he is paying me after all, I have to destroy this place now". The man still continued, attacking Kijuro with a couple of flying fists until eventually, his body gave up. "Okay now my turn, right?". Without much effort put in, he knocked out the poor soul so he doesn't have to witness the destruction of his shop. "Okay Theobold, you can stand up now, you're in the way."

    "Earth Demon's Stomp!". A tidal wave spread across, destroying the building in its foundation. The sound of wood breaking and collapsing directly onto the knocked out adult who laid unconscious on the ground. "Well, that's done..."

    Right as the pair was about to head home, the man stood up. "You pieces of shit". His breathing was heavy, his body was about to collapse, but, all his possessions gone in an instant left a sore spot in his heart. The man rushed towards them, raising his fist in anger. "Theobold, you are a scum, you deserve to die, forcing me to sign those unworthy contracts just so you can come here and destroy everything I have!". 

    "Oh...This is gettin' spicy...Theobold, listen won'tcha, I really am in a hurry, so give me my jewels". 

    Theobold paid Kijuro, who quickly pushed the enraged man away. "Mate, I really am sorry, but you brought this on yourself, why not just pay the man and have your shop still standin'? Isn't that simple?". Theobold was left breathless as Kijuro's words echoed through the ruins "Earth Demon's Rock Storm!". A rain of rocks soon struck both the man and Theobold. "Oh yea', I never liked you as well!". 

    The pained bodies of the two men now desperately begged for help, but, Kijuro left them with a satisfying grin spread wide across his face. It was a good day.

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