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    Odhran Aegisbane
    Odhran Aegisbane

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    Post by Odhran Aegisbane 1st December 2019, 8:05 pm

    Stepping into Motor City, the people were certainly surprised to see the Spirit of the Frozen Sea close behind Odhran in tow. Odhran had done so to show his intent with the town: he was here for business, and he meant business.  Arnaluuk was irritated that she, of all the Spirits possible, was the one to be used in Odhran's assertion of intent, but he figured that too many people would like Lupa for purposes other than battle and Scorpio was too noticeable. Arnaluuk saw the latter line of logic to be flawed, to say the least, but she had no choice but to follow along with her Keybearer's summons. Odhran already had the locations of the stores he was to bully and intimidate into giving their money. Conveniently enough, they were at the front of the town and directly across the street from each other. Stepping into the store on the left, he placed a hand firmly on the counter of the shopkeep.

    "You are the shopkeep for this storefront, are you not? I have been hired by a good and gracious man, who I am sure you know very well. Theobold Thawn, the true master of this town, and the one to which you have a payment owed to! Some of his more common employees have unfortunately fallen ill, and so I have been sent to collect upon the debts that you and your cohort across the street owe to him, though I will of course receive a portion of the wealth for my outside services in assisting! Now, if you would be so kind as to-"

    Odhran looked up to see the man, club in hand, glaring at him. He swung the club at the head of Odhran, who nimbly retreated his head back in order to dodge the attempt on his life. He looked towards Arnaluuk, who sighed before unleashing her trident, pointing at the shopkeep. He leaped up onto his counter and attempted an aerial attack on the Spirit of the Frozen Sea, who boredly caught the club in a single hand and glared down the shopkeep.

    "What the dunce was trying to say is that it's our job to get your monthly payment in to Thawn. I really don't care for all his theatrics either, but he's got more Spirits that can easily destroy you. If you couldn't tell, I'm not really trying all that hard, and...well...I can certainly do a lot more to you than what you would be able to handle."

    The shopkeep panicked, releasing the hold of his club and apologizing profusely. He sprinted behind his counter, continuing his slew of apologies before bringing out an envelope with a seal that bore the same image as the logo the store itself had. Arnaluuk thanked him, Odhran running his mouth about the "tribute owed to a God," and the two left. As soon as they exited the building, they were confronted by the owner of the shop across the street, who similarly handed a letter to them. He said that this was his own payment for the month, and that he saw what Arnaluuk was able to do to his cohort. Odhran once again boasted about his charismatic skill as Arnaluuk dragged him by the ear to finish their job with their employer.

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