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    Love Letter's and Security (Job/Solo)


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    Love Letter's and Security (Job/Solo) Empty Love Letter's and Security (Job/Solo)

    Post by Killua 23rd July 2018, 7:42 am

    Job Info:

    The job sounded simple go to Magnolia and deliver the celebrity a love letter from her childhood friend. Night time was hitting the city, a huge part of it emanating with light. Spotlights and other kinds of light shining in different colors, the celebrity's music could be heard from almost all of Magnolia along side the screaming fans. "Being security to these kinds of events is probably tiring" Sara said to herself as she continued to eye out the event from atop the building she was casually sitting on. " And ill have to get past all those screaming fans that are going to rush to the backstage, troublesome". Sara eyed the possible entries to the backstage but all of them seemed to be guarded, every possible entry had guards even at the top there were guards. Sara let out a sigh 'If going in the normal way fails ill have to go through the top probably'

    Sara was surprised even with all the screaming and jumping after two hours the fans still had energy she was even getting sleepy from all the waiting while they had all of that energy. 'Getting to the back stage may be a little bit harder then before' she thought as she got up from her seated position and started making her way down the building she was sitting on. The concert had just ended and the fans had were already trying to get into the backstage. Pushing to the side she quickly made her way to where the security guards were guarding the entrance to the backstage. Gaining his attention with a fake cough Sara made her presence known to the two guards "Hello my name is Sara and i'm a member of Crystal  Swan, as you probably know Crystal Swan's a guild that houses artist's and on behalf of some of them and me i wanted to congratulate miss Kirisaki on her wonderful performance today" Sara hoped that this would be enough to get her in, she really didn't want to go through the top and potentially scaring the celebrity. Both guards looked at her with doubt before one of them spoke up "Show me your guild mark" the guard said. Doing as he says Sara took of her coat and showed the black guild mark of Crystal Swan bellow her left shoulder. The security guard had taken a closer look before he had returned to his previous position, mentioning for Sara to come closer. Complying with him Sara moved closer and the security guard moved the barrier to the side "I suggest you go in fast before the fans get more crazy" the guard said. Sara had quickly dashed inside and started looking around for the celebrity's room. Spotting a lit up room, Sara knocked on the open door lightly before entering. "Ohh a fan made it in, this was unexpected" Kirisaki said, but before she could continue and say anything more Sara had cut her off "Not really a fan, i'm here on a job to deliver this letter to you". Sara pulled out the letter from behind her and handed it for her to take. "Ill leave you too it, as I've done my part, good luck with your next performances". And with that Sara had quickly left, leaving the celebrity to read her letter on her own.

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