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    LOVE'S SO ALIVE ♠ solo Empty LOVE'S SO ALIVE ♠ solo

    Post by Itazura 17th July 2016, 11:20 pm

    After talking with the man, the young weasel yokai headed for the concert building. Using his normal transport method, roof hopping, since he didn't usually walking the crowded streets, and plus this way was just thrilling. Making it to the concert house he made his way back to ground level, figuring it would be more fun to sneak in that way. Which is the only reason he even took this job in the first place, sneaking into a place where he wasn't supposed to be? That's his forte, considering he is a thief. Looking around he tried to find a place to sneak in, seeing an open window where not much people where at. Sneaking over he slithered his way in, just as a security guard was passing by, he manged to transform into his normal form and hide in some boxes, before he was able to get caught. He heard the guard closed the window that he entered in, it would appear he would have to find a different way out. Which is even more fun, the more challenge the better, well, most of the time. When the man passed, Ita climbed out, transformed back, then bounded down the hall. He made his way into a room packed tight with thousands of people, chills went down his back. Not that he was scared, but he just wasn't used to being in crowds, being from a more shy type of animal family. Scooting his way slowly through the large amount of people, before laughing slightly to himself, why didn't he just go back to being a weasel. Forming back into the small mustelid, his original form, he scurried through the crowd filled with very talkative people. The talkative people didn't seem to notice, well some of them did, but they seemed only concerned with to celebrity soon to be on stage. Itazura never got the idea of celebrities, where they emperors? Deities? No matter what they where, a lot of people like them. It was probably a good twenty minutes when he made it to the end of this crowd, even in his yokai form, it was hard to get through this group. People stomping, kicking and shifting about, he probably wouldn't have made it if he wasn't a weasel. Transforming in the front of the crowd, he crouched and snuck over to some backstage doors, going through them when security was dealing with some crazy fans. Standing straight when the door closed he walked down the dark hall, looking for the room with the big star on it. Finding it he knocked on the door, set the letter in the crack of the door, he turned and broke out into a run. He turned a corner then stopped to look, the young man got looked out and saw the letter fall, slightly confused he brought it back in his room with him. The yokai let out a content sigh, turning around to see a guard turn a corner, he elbowed a window to break it the hopped out of it. Not the way he thought he was going to leave leave, but no matter. The guard noticed him, but by the time he could do something about it, Itazura was gone. Back on the roofs for a swift escape. If you call breaking a window 'swift'.

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