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    Everybody Loves Chocolate

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    Everybody Loves Chocolate Empty Everybody Loves Chocolate

    Post by Kite Wilhelm 18th March 2015, 10:08 pm

    Kite hadn’t actually spent time in the town of Magnolia, he has passed by it via the train once or twice but he actually had not left the train. The couple of times he had thought about it but he sorta pegged Magnolia as a mainstream town and it’s reputation spoke for itself. It housed the Fairy Tail guild and also had several sightseeing locations but that seemed all too boring to him. So now at this time around, while he had his head against the train’s window with occasionally feeling the bumping that matched the clickity clack of the train sailing on the tracks with the intention on learning more about Fiore and with Magnolia being one of the biggest towns in the kingdom and he had passed by it twice he felt that it was only right to actually visit especially considering that this place could have been his home had he not joined Sabertooth and joined Fairy Tail instead.

    ” Well, who knows perhaps this little adventure could be a fun one and not be a boring one.” Kite said to himself as he watched the trees and the rest of the scenery pass by him. While doing this Kite allowed himself to get lost in thought and considered his options for the day. There wasn’t many at all but there were some such as the Cathedral that was in the center of town and stood as one of the most iconic landmarks in Fiore. There was also the idea of visiting South Gate park that he heard about having a wonderful environment and a nice cherry blossom tree. Kite’s stomach started to grumble a bit and that is when he made his decision that he would look around the town and find a place to grab a bite to eat. His stomach let out another grumble ” Alright I get it, you are hungry but you can’t eat until we get to town” he said annoyingly to his stomach. He held out his hand and let a small flame flicker ”If only I could eat my own flames, then I wouldn’t have to worry about eating for quite sometime” Kite said to himself before rubbing his thumb across his fingers making the dusting like motion causing the fire to vanish.

    In almost no time at all the train came to a stop and Kite stood and walked his way out of the train upon exiting he inhaled deeply through his nose taking in the scents. That is when he picked up on the scent of a restaurant not that far away from his location and the food smelled amazing. ”Well that sure smells good, I’m going that way” Kite said as he walked towards his new destination, the location where the smell of food was originating from. He noticed that he was coming up to a crosswalk like setting he would either have to continue straight or turn the corner, he would make his choice when he reached the corner and got a better, stronger scent since he couldn’t really see around the corner he had no idea what was there or even if that was the correct way.

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