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    Love Thy Self! [Solo Mission]

    Sojiro Sakura
    Sojiro Sakura

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    Love Thy Self! [Solo Mission] Empty Love Thy Self! [Solo Mission]

    Post by Sojiro Sakura 14th September 2022, 6:51 pm

    Mission Details:

    Sojiro had seen a lot of different types of requests floating around the mission boards when he traveled into Magnolia Town but this one seemed different than some of the others. In the details of this mission, the person seemed to only be looking for someone that had an open mind, an open heart, and extremely good argumentative skills. Considering that this person didn't mention fighting dangerous monsters or exploring forbidden ruins, Sojiro figured that this could have been a fairly simple job. So he had let the person know behind one of the counters that he would take the job and go to meet the client at the mentioned location within the details. With all of the formalities out of the way, Sojiro had made his way to a small park that wasn't too far from where he had been currently. The man had a casual strut about himself, wearing his usual white button-up shirt with short sleeves, black slacks, and dress shoes that matched his pants in colors. His amethyst-colored looked out from behind his red-framed glasses and took in the details of the things around him as he moved.

    It wasn't long before the man would have come to the park and sat beneath a large tree with a sign on it, which had been an indicator of where to meet his client at. Once he took his seat, it wasn't long before Sojiro was approached by one of the prettiest girls that he had ever seen. She had long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and a yellow sundress with a hat to match. When she sat down to talk to him, her voice sounded like soft cotton to his ears, a sensation that he could have gotten used to. But it was easy to shake his head to dismiss these thoughts, he was here as a professional and that was not the way that he should've been conducting himself. During their talk her problem had become extremely apparent to him; she had been born under a different gender but as she grew, she understood that she identified as something else. It was a simple yet beautiful concept but Sojiro was confused as to why this needed a mission.

    That was when she explained that her parents were always so strict growing up and could be close-minded but they respect the law and mages that work with it. This had angered Sojiro, although he kept it to himself, what parents created a household where their children didn't feel comfortable telling them the truth? The man assured her that they would get to the bottom of this together, even if her parents weren't happy by the end of the conversation. So, after making the situation clear to Sojiro and asking him to be gentle with their feelings, the two of them headed off.

    With a goal in mind, the two of them would have eventually made their way to a modest home before going to the door and knocking on it firmly. As an old man came to the door, he first welcomed Sojiro and inquired as to why he had arrived. The youth would raise a hand to stop him and let the woman step out from behind him, causing the old man a moment of shock before realizing that it was his own child! He was flabbergasted but welcomed the two of them in and called his wife, the four of them sitting down together in the living room of the home. Both of the elderly couple seemed confused and couldn't help from staring at their child with bewilderment and incomprehension. Sojiro asked them to hold their questions and gave the floor to the woman that hired him, allowing her to explain what she had discovered about herself and asking them for their love either way.

    Her parents were confused, staring at her, and getting ready to ask their questions. But before they did, the father asked why the Mage needed to be here for this part. When their daughter explained it to them, tears began to fill their eyes and they moved to hug their daughter. They apologized profusely to their daughter, telling her they never wanted her to feel unsafe sharing something so important with them. This made the daughter start crying and the next thing that Sojiro knew, his own eyes seemed to be tearing up from all of the emotions in the air. Once they got ahold of themselves again, they all thanked Sojiro profusely and he said it was all in a day's work before moving on with his life.

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