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    To Earthland... And Beyond!


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    To Earthland... And Beyond! Empty To Earthland... And Beyond!

    Post by Zeltaath 22nd July 2018, 6:56 pm

    Job Description:

    The early morning light peered through over the horizon waking Zeltaath up from his long needed rest. After he finished his breakfast and packed up camp he walked into town to receive his passport. Cinder sat on his shoulder and pointed out the wondrous sights they came across, like the sun sitting on the horizon of the glistening ocean and Hargeon Town off in the distance.
    It wasn't until the sun had fully risen into the sky that Zel made it into town.

    Still early into the day the streets were bustling with merchants, pedestrians, and construction workers. Zel made his way down to the passport office and was stunned when he got inside. The building was filled to capacity with all the lines chock-full of people. Disheartened, he meandered into line to wait his turn. A few minutes pass and both Cinder and Zeltaath began to get anxious. However, Zel tries his hardest to keep under control so he doesn't give the Silver Wolf guild a bad rep. Cinder, on the other hand, didn't try to keep control and lept off Zel's shoulder and began to fly around.

    The fire Sprite would tap on people's shoulders and fly up out of view, in general creating innocent mischief. Any other time Zel would laugh and join in, but this was a serious time and they needed to not delay the registration process by causing problems for the workers. Zel cleared his throat, trying to subtly get Cinders attention. The people in front of Zel turned back to see who was getting their attention.

    Zel's Scary Stare:

    The people were startled to see this young boy, dressed in black with a red eye, staring at them without moving. Mistakenly thinking that he is staring at them they step to the sides of the line and wave him through giving him permission to cut. Nervously, they said, "P-p-please, go ahead and cut in front." Confused, he asked, "Are you sure? I don't mind waiting." They insisted, thinking that what he asked and said had a double meaning. Catching onto this quickly, Cinder flew by Zel quickly and used a bit of her fire to light his hair on fire. She flew off quickly, back to the front causing Zel to kind of chant in a low stern voice, "Cinder! Cinder! Stop trying my patience!Cinder!" Once again the people low back and were frightened thinking that the young mage with his hair on fire was going to turn them to cinders and stepped out of line letting him past through. Cinder finally came back, now that they were closer to the front. She sat on his shoulder and whispered in his ear, "Your hair is on fire." Embarrassed, he quickly put out the flames with both hands and put his head down.

    A few minutes later, the two were finally at the front of the line. The clerked called them forward, "Next!... State your business." Zel replied, "Registering for a passport, please." The clerk asked if it was business or pleasure then asked Zel if he was in a guild. Zel replied, "Silver Wolf" and pulled the left collar of his shirt down a bit revealing the orange wolf on his collar bone. "Make sure to not cause trouble outside of Fiore, or in Fiore for that matter." The clerk remarked before stamping a passport and handing it to Zel. "Next!" The clerk yelled out, taking no time after their business was concluded! Cheered out of excitement and exited the building, taking off running back down the road to the guild deep within the Phoenix Mountains.


    To Earthland... And Beyond! XsvlMWC

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