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    To earthland... And Beyond


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    Completed To earthland... And Beyond

    Post by Dubhlainn 23rd July 2015, 7:03 am

    The Port city of Hargeon, a famous town for its pubs and home to numerous sea vessels owned by sailors and pirates alike and if there’s any place for anyone to have fun under the sun, Hargeon is the place for you. Knowing how busy the line can be in order to get a passport is quite long during the day, Dubhlainn decided to go to the said embassy before the first light. There was nothing to see around the streets but dark and a hollow environment with only the luminous glow from the street lamps to accompany him as each step brings him closer to the embassy.

    The guard then stood up with eyes scanning the incoming visitor. Dubhlainn was tall; he wore a suit and crowned with dark purple hair and stone faced expression which makes it hard to tell what he’s feeling. It has come to an understanding that he came early just to be one of the first in line but working hours start in the next 2 hours. Time was a price to pay in order for him to obtain a passport leading to jobs in different worlds or regions of earth land. He was then directed to the waiting area and took the first seat.

    In about half an hour a group of people came in, sharing the same idea as Dubhlainn in order to be one of the first in line. As soon as the gates opened, Dubhlainn did not hesitate to stand up and walk towards the first booth open, he drew the necessary documents from his envelop and sorted them out to prepare him for his application. The who serviced him was a young woman in her twenties, this however made his time a bit easier. She was nervous at the sight of Dubhlainn with his stone faced expression but a smile reassured her as she proceeds with her work.

    Though Dubhlainn may have been an instrument for a gambling ring, he was first a royal kingdom knight and therefore had his initial passport, his job and affiliation history that he entrusted to the bank. It costed him quite a fortune in order to preserve the documents just to prepare for the moment that he is freed from being a gambling tool. He had his doubts at first but never thought that his freedom came sooner than expected.First they asked for his name, his affiliation, age and place of residence. Since he’s one of the knights of the Royal kingdom he was requested for his position, regardless of whether he was retired or disavowed.
    At last, all Dubhlainn needs was to sign a few documents and have his fingerprints stamped down and right before you know it he was done. As he was about to exit, the guard stopped him in his tracks. Did he find out about Dubhlainn’s affiliations? What’s going to happen, will he be arrested? The guard’s footsteps drew closer and closer, Dubhlainn turned around and braced himself only for him to be given his wallet which had dropped.

    Dubhlainn always hated moments of suspense at the end of a job and it ended on a rainy day.


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    To earthland... And Beyond GsoFitg
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