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    Cinder Ella, The Fire Sprite


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    Cinder Ella, The Fire Sprite Empty Cinder Ella, The Fire Sprite

    Post by Zeltaath 17th July 2018, 5:50 pm

    Name: Cinder Ella
    Rank: Weak
    Species: Fire Sprite
    Type: Non-Combat Pet
    Description: A hot headed sprite that had befriended the mage, Zeltaath, after watching him study in the library. Deciding that he need a friend, the little Sprite descended from the lantern she was settling in. She talked with Zel for hours in that library. Taking a liking to his warm smile and endless energy, not to mention his spunk, she joined up with him. She'll make for a good companion that will help light the way for the young mage.
    Cinder Ella:

    Abilities: Guiding light: Since Cinder Ella is a spirit of the element of fire, she can act as a light source for the young mage when needed.


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    Cinder Ella, The Fire Sprite Empty Re: Cinder Ella, The Fire Sprite

    Post by Guest 19th July 2018, 11:47 am


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