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    deliver the letter! || job ||


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    deliver the letter! || job || Empty deliver the letter! || job ||

    Post by Azrael 23rd June 2018, 8:01 pm


    737 words @???
    all by myyyseeeeelf
    The surroundings were rowdy with the layer of outsiders crowding desperately to the front of the building. With every crazed fanboy or girl, Natsu stood in between the never ending hustle that forced him left than right. As much as he'd tried to blend in with the rest, the bed of silver stood out like a sore thumb that was as equally as intriguing as whatever individual the many were awaiting to see. The constant chatter and shrills of excitement were drowned out in the piling resentment for this current situation. No— Natsu was far from the many that found themselves captivated by idols. Either in music, dance or simply for looks, he'd never been particularly fascinated when the amount of supposed talent was everywhere.

    What mattered now was reaching this woman, through the swarm and the wall of bodyguards that ranked the intimidating image of tall, muscular and emotionless were currently preventing him from doing so. Instead of remaining in this nightmarish pack, pointing glares at the men that deterred every possible way inside, he moved off towards the side and decided to circle to the back of the building. Which at the moment had been much more lacking in company. With the single lane that split through the back in a rather narrow entrance way, there stood a rusted door lacking of an sort of handle. Tucking the letter into the sleeve of his jacket, fingers latched firmly around the scarce rise of metal, forming a slight dent with the impact that was used in his failed endeavor.

    "Ouch..." Natsu muttered after pushing himself to far, the sensitive strands of flesh on the left of his wrist convulsing in discomfort. Just as he'd gone to adjust the posture in opening the seemingly heedless way into the building, the door shifted from the solidity and fixed itself directly into his face. It was unexpected enough that the landing against the harsh cement flooring erupted inaudible mutters of displeasure past his grinding canines.

    "Oh, I'm so sorry! Are you alright?" a gentle voice greeted his ears, the frowning features facing the woman that held nothing but concern. She certainly was beautiful, her makeup had been done precisely and she'd smelt scarcely of flowers. The long raven strands were obscured by the hood of her sweatshirt, a slender hand reaching forth to help Natsu to his feet. A bit frozen over the situation he'd taken the offer silently. "Are you a fan perhaps? As an apology I can give you my autograph, but could you not tell anyone I was here?" brashly the young girl bowed, indicating the amount of desperation she'd held just to step from this place unnoticed. "P-Please!" everything was started to click together.

    "Stop that," he'd said, the heavy breath at the end of his words signifying the opposing feeling he had, rather than to revel in this moment, "I came to deliver a letter to you." rustling through the pocket, the thin lining of worn paper was handed to the other, taking her momentarily by surprise. "Your childhood friend requested that I give it to you, perhaps you remember him?" —there was no response, yet the parted lips and the silence as the covering tore to reveal what was written inside gave clarity to an answer. Natsu turned back and towards where'd he had originally come from, the voice lastly roused to halt his movement.

    "Um.. thank you! May I ask your name?" curious, the icy blue wandered to the back where the woman stood in wait. Shyly— as if— he looked elsewhere. From his feet, to the wall, then back to the front where the narrow parting lay. Instead he'd decided on the usual and more cool counter to the harmless query.

    "That is hardly of your concern, miss... but... it was nothing." scratching the nape of the neck, concealed by a bed of glossy silvery locks he continued onward. The harmless task was over, meaning he could go to take his reward from the man that had truly written the given letter. A love letter— Natsu wondered momentarily if the woman might happen to respond, or why she'd been so startled to see whom had really requested such notice. Either way it was hardly of value to the future of his life. Whatever they chose to do was entirely up to them, in the fleeting span that such creatures held.


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