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    Delivery Boy [Job|Sousuke]


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    Delivery Boy [Job|Sousuke] Empty Delivery Boy [Job|Sousuke]

    Post by Sousuke 2nd June 2018, 2:00 am

    It wasn't the perfect morning, but Sousuke had his perfect breakfast in a cafe near the motel room he was staying for the night and their strawberry pancake was amazing, it was as if he had never taste anything so good before. Walking down the road of Magnolia where the cloud's not that shady and the sun's ray that doesn't really burn everything else seems normal. There weren't a lot of people that day probably because it's the weekend and people tends to sleep longer than usual but not for Sousuke, he can't actually put himself to sleep, he must do something and so he decided to take a walk, which lead him right where he was, on a silent peaceful street.

    While he was making a turn, he saw a man in a blue uniform with a matching red cap on top of his hat, crouching looking at his truck. The scene sent a vibe to Sousuke that the man in the uniform is a mailman and his truck seems not to be working properly, being an empathetic being he is, Sousuke decides to help the man. He walked over to the mailman in the uniform, and when he was close enough he'd open his mouth letting a warm greeting out, "Hello there," and the mailman actually jumped because he was quite shocked by the sudden presence of Sousuke, with still being his empathetic and caring person, he felt very guilty, "Oh sorry sorry I didn't mean to scare you,", the mailman seemed to have his mind back together, "It's ok, it was just me, my magic truck has been out of power and I still got these mails to deliver," then a thought came across Sousuke's mind, not liking to see the mailman in distress he decided to offer his help, "Well, if that's the case then I can do the job for you!", with a smile etched across his face, the mailman's face though turns to a wary, "Are you sure? I don't have a lot of money,", Sousuke has never been interested in money, "What eh, I don't really care, just give me the mails.", the mailman could only sigh seeing the conviction Sousuke had, he went inside the truck and took a sling bag which were filled with mails, "here you go, meet me here when you're done okay?", Sousuke took the bag with pride, "I will sir!".

    The mails that Sousuke had to send wasn't that much left only about 20 or more to go, so that was a good thing to think of, he went from houses to houses sliding the mails beneath their mail doors and others in their mailbox. He encountered a few 'challenges' such as dogs and their poops and grannies seeking his attention, but he got over all of it pretty well and returned to the place where he met with the mailman, he gave back the sling back and the mailman paid him with a few jewels but Sousuke didn't mind, he was very happy to have helped the mailman.


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