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    Wine Testing [Job|Sousuke]


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    Wine Testing [Job|Sousuke] Empty Wine Testing [Job|Sousuke]

    Post by Sousuke 26th May 2018, 9:56 pm

    It was yet another day of his life, he rose from his bed, shoving his blanket away from him, he got onto his feet and stretched his body, his hands holding each other and raising both of them to the air, yawning a moment after he stretches, he then headed to the shower room and showered. After drying himself and putting on some clothes he walked out of the room and headed to the quest board located somewhere near to that place, he was wearing his casual white kimono but without the extra cloak and gloves, just his kimono and white socks and to top it off, his wooden sandals. After a few blocks of walking, he arrived to the quest board and scanned it, looking from the top to the bottom waiting for something to catch his eyes, he then saw a flyer asking help for someone to test a home made wine, an easy task to be accomplished, he looked at the one who was requesting it and he didn't know who in the world who that person is, but he do know the place where he would like to meet, a very grand restaurant that he couldn't even enter, he took the flyer away and walked towards the grand restaurant.

    When he arrives at the grand restaurant, he felt weird like a tingling sensation inside him, maybe because it was going to be his first job ever, he took a deep breath through his nose and breathes out through his mouth, collecting courage inside him, and he walked into the restaurant, pulling the door handle and entering the restaurant, his white appearance would be the spotlight of the restaurant as every else there was gold and red. As he passed fully through the door, he could see a man, a waiter of some kind standing, which made him jump a little, taking one step back and placing his hand over his chest, "Wow you scared me," he said to the worker that looked very young, with dark hair and fair skin, he was wearing a classical waiter would, black blazer over white cloth, and a red tie to top it off, "Oh well I'm sorry then, is there anything I can help you?" he apologized first then asked Sousuke if he could be of any acquaintance. "Yes, I am applying for this job," he said immediately after he was asked, taking the flyer out of his pocket with his right hand and handing it over to the waiter. The waiter had a look on it and gave an 'ooh' look, "Follow me then," he said smiling and walked off into another room and of course, followed by Sousuke.

    They went through rooms after rooms, and things there were very expensive and they all bling, then finally they reach a room where a chair could be seen, it was facing the other way when he walked into the room, but the arms of the person sitting on the chair could be seen resting on the arms chair, and when both of them entered the room the waiter then said, "Someone wants to apply for the wine testing job," he said without even addressing the person he was speaking to which was a little bit peculiar, "Good," another voice could be heard across the room.

    He then turned the chair around and gestured so that Sousuke would come closer, he then took a bottle of wine and poured some into a glass and placed it in front of him, Sousuke without hesitation took the glass and tasted some, and his mouth felt like it was washed by heaven, "It taste FANTASTIC, like heaven!" he said, exaggerating a little at the end of it, he finished the glass and set it back on the table, the man on the chair smiled and thanked him, then saying that if he came back to that restaurant everything will be free, Sousuke then left and looked for other things to do.


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