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    Tag [Job|Sousuke]


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    Tag [Job|Sousuke] Empty Tag [Job|Sousuke]

    Post by Sousuke 26th May 2018, 10:44 pm

    It was yet another perfect morning that couldn't be wasted just by walking around town, he wanted to start socializing and meet with other people or maybe other mages even, but he's probably too shy to do that and would end up shaming himself and forcing him to not to come to that place ever again, which might be a little problem since the possibility that he -had- to go back there is still not 0. He was in his white kimono, his hands inside the pockets and he was walking with his white sock covering his feet and a wooden sandal so that he don't have to be barefooted and make his feet dirty.

    As he was walking he neared to a park, and the scene was happy, a few parents were sitting on a bench laughing together and some are just kind of 'dating', flirting with one another, and noise of kids playing can be heard clear enough, some are just running with one another and they seemed like they were playing tag, a famous game that literally everyone knows about, where a group of people runs from this one people and whenever that one person touches one of the people in the group, that person becomes the new person that has to chase the people from the other group.

    He then decided he could use a little bit of rest on a bench, so off he sets to a bench that's a little bit further from the parents and the children, still shy to start a conversation or socializing at all, he is just nervous when it comes to new people and it happens all the time.

    Then without warning a group of kids then gathered around him, they all smiling happily, and this left him in a perplexed state, not sure of what was going on, but it was just kids so he didn't feel that bombarded, then one of the kids walked up and met him face to face asking if he could join them in a game of tag. He think about it for awhile and let out a little hum, then he asked himself, 'you deserve this, go and have some fun, even with this kids,' and that assured him, he looked back at the kid who asked him and said yes while smiling, the other kids cheered joyfully as they were happy that he accepted the invitation.

    One of them then suddenly touched his arm, and said "Tag you're it!" and ran away as fast as he can and the other kids followed running away from him with a hysterical laugh of joy, he quickly then rose from the bench and chased the nearest kid, laughing while doing so and pat him and said the same line, "Tag you're it!" then ran away, as that's how the game works, it was fun, very fun.

    At the end of the day, they're all tired and happy but everyone has a smile carved on their face, even him, which was a good thing to end his day, he waved goodbye to the kids and said bye to each of them, then left for his hotel room and he was quite hungry too.


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