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    Need Money? Make a Potion! (Job, Solo, Private)

    Aliarey Casady
    Aliarey Casady

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    Need Money? Make a Potion! (Job, Solo, Private) Empty Need Money? Make a Potion! (Job, Solo, Private)

    Post by Aliarey Casady 1st June 2018, 1:53 am

    Aliarey had started her day like any other for her: being one hell of a lazy lady. That was all she did lately. It was an extreme habit of hers to do enough jobs to get some money and then quit for long periods of time. The working every damn day lifestyle was not for her. No, she needed those long vacations to laze about and being useless to the world. Relaxation was important, and she couldn't exactly relax doing some life threatening mission that a mage that wants to play hero can do instead. The safer ones were also very boring and dull. Why were there no jobs that were super exciting but also did not come with a giant warning label? It was so unfair and ridiculous.

    It wasn't until noon and she wanted lunch that the blonde realized her jewel purse was... empty. "The hell?! What happened to all my money?!" Naturally the money wasn't gone because she spent it all. No. Someone had to have taken it when she wasn't looking! Those thieving bastards. Aliarey threw the purse on the ground in a tantrum and crossed her arms over her chest with a big pout on her face. Now what was she to do for that awesome lunch she had planned? Her stomach growled, and she whined as she placed her hand over it to feel the rumbling. "This is so unfaaiiirrr."

    Then a miracle happened. A movement that she saw at the corner of her eye. The blue gaze of hers fixated on the new sign that was placed on the window of the shop she stood in front of. She didn't take much notice of it before, but it was apparently a potion shop. Not really her thing, but the sign was definitely one of great interest. "These people are paying people to make potions? And you don't even need to know what you're doing?" Aliarey questioned as she read the sign, scratching her head in mild confusion. "Are these people really that desperate for ideas?" Who was she talking to? No one but herself and she ignored the looks she was getting from the people that passed her. "I guess it can't hurt to try." The blonde shrugged her shoulders. It was quick cash to buy a few meals and supplies before going on some more jobs to fill her wallet again.

    Aliarey opened the door of the shop and stepped inside. Her head turned as she took in the various potions and magical items the shop had to sell, but eventually her feet had paused when she reached the counter. An older woman was behind it and smiled gently before asking if there was anything she could help her with. "Yeah, I'm here for that job about making potions."

    "Oh? We already have someone wanting to help with that? How wonderful. Right this way, dearie." The older woman moved away from behind the counter and towards the back of the shop that was covered in thin black curtains. Aliarey followed and found herself in a room with various things and ingredients that every potion master would use and want. "Hey, this is actually pretty cool." After having her look around she looked to the woman. "So, what am I doing?"

    "Just use anything you find in here and mix them to come up with something new. My own ideas for combinations have dried up. I need something new and fresh."

    "You want me to use anything?" Aliarey asked with a raised questioning brow.


    "That seems a little weird. What if what I make doesn't even do anything? Hell, how will you even know what it does until it's tested? I am not volunteering for that."

    "Oh don't worry." The old woman replied with a wave of her hand to shoo the concern away. "Some fool will buy it no matter what it does. If it ends up not doing anything I'll just label it as a love potion like all of my other failures." She then left the room and left Aliarey to her own devices.

    "Note to self: never buy a potion from this place." The blonde stared down at the table and tapped her fingers on it while glancing at all the bottles and ingredients that were nearby. "Well this looks pretty." She said to herself as she reached out her hand and grabbed some sort of flower. It had a label of poisonous on it but meh. Not like she cared. It was pretty. "I should probably pick something ugly to balance it out." And so she did. Some container had an ingredient that looked like it came out of a rotting corpse. Then a few other ingredients that made sense in her mind but anyone else would have the gag reflex while sweating in fear at having to be the one to drink it. Everything was then mixed and created a liquid that was mostly black but had swirls in it that if she looked closely enough she could have sworn formed into skulls. If it didn't do anything maybe the old lady could convince the customer that those skulls were hearts if they looked at it under a certain angle and lighting. "I have no idea if I am supposed to say some kind of magic words or anything, but this totally looks like a potion. I think. Why the hell am I doing this again?"

    Mission success. Payment received. Prayers sent for whoever is at the mercy of that potion. Aliarey was not staying to find out what kind of reaction the ingredient combination she used would have.

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