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    The Potion Assistant[Job/Private]


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    The Potion Assistant[Job/Private] Empty The Potion Assistant[Job/Private]

    Post by Morrigan 27th October 2017, 1:22 am

    ZE JERB!:

    "So... This is the place..." Haley checks her pamphlet of Magnolia Town and the job request she took and did a cross reference. This is the place alright. A crow landed on a nearby lamp post, abnormal for the time of day as it watches Haley enter the store.

    The chime rings as the shop keeper looks up, and her face immediately lights up and dashes over to Haley and giving her a handshake after seeing the piece of paper in Haley's hand.
    "You must be the mage! I HAVE RUN OUT OF-" Haley cuts off the shopkeeper's cry.

    "Let's see what I can work with," Haley said before throwing her bag to the side, inspecting the potions on sale, the ingredients available, the type of equipment the shopkeeper uses. Haley notices the age of the shopkeeper as well. The place had old good quality equipment, and was kept in good condition as well. The mage did cross referencing, and turned to the lady.

    "You did not start this place did you?" Haley asked, staring at the pamphlet and then spotting the little girl and an old lady. The shopkeeper nods and looks at a picture at the counter.

    "Yeah... This place was my grandmother's... After my mum dumped me here and ran away with my dad to be free of child responsibilities, Grandma was the best person around...
    She taught me to handle the services and all but... I was never that great at making potions and just stuck to the manual after she passed... I was never able to do Grandma's custom request potions cause I was too afraid something bad might happen..." The shopkeeper begins to sniff and tear up before Haley gives her a hug.

    "I was never that great either, come on I'll teach you the fundamentals and let's craft one together? What do you say?" Haley smiled and beckoned the shopkeeper to watch her. Haley looked around and picked ingredients off, talking to the girl and directing her on things, like making custom made potions for customers, ingredient properties and much more when it came to the craft of potion making. The shopkeeper was indeed fascinated by Haley's extensive knowledge as she learnt quickly. Soon Haley had taught her how to make a potion of a very special kind using the common ingredients. The fluid swirled in mystical colors, almost like immiscible substances have been added to the pot as the mage pours the newly made brew into a bottle with a round bottom. The mage then hands the potion to the shopkeeper and waited for the shopkeeper to take it. The confused tone made Haley beckon at it.

    "Take a whiff," Haley smiled and the shopkeeper did. Her face grew into a smile, then to tears and begun crying both in joy and remembrance. The potion was to smell like the thing one treasures most. The potion smelt like her late grandmother.
    With a satisfied smile, the lady hands Haley her jewels and sends her politely on her way,
    holding the potion tightly in her hand. The crow was still on the lamp post, staring down before flying away to over yonder.

    Word Count: 529, JOB COMPLETE!


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