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    Potion making assistant

    Lester Drynedi
    Lester Drynedi

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    Potion making assistant Empty Potion making assistant

    Post by Lester Drynedi on 22nd October 2017, 6:16 pm

    Lester Drynedi D Rank Guildless

    Potion making assistant

    The door had remained closed for the past 10 minutes, he had arrived exactly on time, the birds had twittered their greetings whilst the youth strolled down the street bathed in evening sunlight. He had been told to take every opportunity to learn new and odd skills, that was due to spontaneous and random events happening in one's life where you may need to know how to create a bonnet from a shoe.
    At Least that was what his Grandfather had told him as a child, sickened of waiting here any longer Lester gave it one last go. Fist met door and the male had knocked a few times before calling out, the notes had rung clear and strong, was the client deaf perhaps? "Mister Bottine? This is Mister Drynedi, your apprentice that you wanted for the day?" there had been nothing from the house and nothing had happened since he started knocking. Perhaps the client had suffered an injury or sickness and was unable to come to the door? Would it be better to go to him or to perhaps leave.
    The decision made the pale haired lad had opened the door and closed it behind him with great speed before getting enchanted. Something in that room had him hooked, it seemed to be messy yet clean, as if the owner may have been intentionally messy and still know evere everything is.

    Enough! Lester had to bring himself out of the daze, when he strolled into the next room he couldn't decide how to react. Gladness that the client had not been injured or sick, yet anger pity and annoyance at how Mr. Bottine had hired someone and then he had been asleep on a couch when the hired respondent had arrived. "Mister Bottine as per requested I am here to create a potion for use and sale in your shop." Having been woken up by a youthful voice the elderly potion maker spoke "Let me sleep, read that" and pointed to the table, an action which he had followed by simply falling asleep again. Appalled indeed Lester was, yet the instructions on the table had given him more than enough knowledge. He had known plants and particularly flowers rather well, yet here were some rare ingredients that he were allowed and encouraged to experiment with. The sixteen year old simply had to take advantage of this situation.

    Lester had to discover and figure out properties for himself, through experimentation or reading, It could be quite the learning experience. Poppy seeds had gone into a simmering pot, they would cause one to become a little drowsy. Rose petals would ride the scent a little more. However these all had a commonality, they were all flowers, I had to branch out.
    Branch out indeed, an idea had come into his mind. Chewing on willowbar had the effect of lessening pain or a fever. That taste and scent of willow bark had still remained in his memory from when they went camping and such. Salvia was.. there, he had the bottle of fresh leaves in his hand and had already reached for another, this one had bright pink petals and a yellow center. It was the seed capsules of that one which he had to use.
    Willow Bark had been boiled and strained down to a smooth liquid, which would be the base of it, this would hopefully lessen the after effects. Lest had noted down each step, after all there was no way to collect the reward if the Potion maker couldn't recreate it. Added next one had to cut open the seed capsules of the poppy and drain the liquid into the willowbark strain. The poppy had to be added to alleviate anxiety, induce relaxation, sedate them a little and put them in a more euphoric and pleasant mood.

    With that boiling away happily Lester had selected the best salvia mint leaves from the jar. Removed from the heat the willowbark-poppy mixture had soon cooled down, at a lukewarm temperature he had put the mint leaves in.
    Completed at last the conclusion would cause dissociation and a euphoric feeling for a short time which could provide a way to come to terms with the world and perhaps change one's personality without any pain.
    "Sir' I've done"  His voice had been a little louder, louder than normal was what he had needed though as the elderly potion maker took some time to wake up. All the bearded fellow had said was 'Good, leave it and instructions in bench, payment is in the fruit bowl'
    the fruit bowl indeed, it had to be an odd place like that. Well no matter, Lester had been glad to be finished, that experience although it had been fun it had also been a little tedious and annoying. the reward snatched up he had left promptly.

    Word Count:   812
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