Haley Halcyon Musea


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    Haley Halcyon Musea

    Post by Morrigan on 7th April 2017, 6:13 am

    Name: Haley Halcyon Musea
    Gender: Varies, but prefers to be female.
    Age: 24
    Birthday: 14 March
    Sexuality: Bi
    Special Characteristics: Three crow feathers stuck into a cotton stretch bandana.
    Species:Half Pooka half Goddess

    Personality: Haley is what you call a case of MPD, except she is not MPD, but a mental doctor would say otherwise if he interviews her. Haley can go from a hyperactive child to a more depressed sounding adult, it . This awkward adult acts more like an immature sheepish kid than her mature looks give off. Haley is introverted, preferring the comforts and confines of her study hole than actually going outside, thanks to much grooming into studying and doing indoor hobbies than actually going out. Haley however can display an outdoorish personality. Haley is a philosopher, questioning about life both in a chipper tone or a depressing tune. Haley can be sharp wit, sharp tongue and all things savage, but she usually kind, bubbly and a whole lot of crazy. Haley can act wild, obscene and nuts, all in the name of fun. But Haley does have her downsides. Her lack of seriousness often makes her a considered nuisance among peers and her lax attitude and tendency to procrastinate makes her lack responsibility and discipline. Haley does try her best to be useful to her peers in the best way she can and always willing to lend a shoulder to cry on, if she is not in a grumpy mood herself. Haley can be very very disgruntled and its best not to approach her when she is not in her best mood. Haley however can show to be capable, even though she is an active daydreamer and likes to live in her own little world, Haley displays much leadership in her stead and willing to take her peers forward in the face of adversary. Haley is someone who can turn from being dead pan no emotion to someone approachable and charming. Her kindness shows no bounds, she finds it hard to say no to favors and tends to find herself laugging awkwardly. The girl's chipper mood sends her into song and dance, often giving a postive vibe to her peers. Haley is definitely a girl that would liven the group while maintaining some sort of authority and respect. A real joker, she loves crack puns and laugh at the stupid things, her favorite act being voice impressions. Haley is really really eccentric. The girl has an overactive imagination and her constant daydreaming makes her look dreamy. However this shy girl is not someone to easily trust, thanks to her lack of discipline and tends to lose stuff. Haley is adorable, ditzy, and a whole load of fun, but beware her wit, cunning and sense of thievery. Haley also has tripping tendencies and panics under stress, often kneeling defeated whimpering. Haley may seem sociable, but she is rather introverted and prefers if others approach her.

    Haley has grown to be adept in many weapons, making her skilled in the art of swordsmanship, bowmanship and many other forms of weaponary thanks to her training with her father. She does however prefer to use knives and tonfas with a mix of spears and other forms of polearms. Her preference to use weapons over magic is however obvious. Haley prefers to take the battle physically and without casting magic is more of a fear than an actual preference. The girl knows when to flee and how to flee, while also getting what she wants. However, the girl has tricks up her sleeves. If there is anything Haley is better at than using weapons is making potions, remedies and being and overall doctor. Her knowledge on chemicals makes her quite the annoying member as she is capable of using vials and flasks with amazing throwing aim, healing allies or causing massive explosions or doing her favorite, smoke bombs.

    • Chocolate: The girl is in love with sugar, her sweet tooth loves the taste of sugary goodness. But the item that reigns above them all is chocolate, her first taste to sugar with a mix of bitter.
    • Apothecary: Haley since her accidental initiation into becoming an apothecarist, has taken the embrace of chemicals brewing in cauldrons and weird ingredients jn jars ready to be mashed up and turned into back pain relievers.
    • Writing: Haley loves to write, is her passion, where her imagination can be funneled into. In fact she always carries a book to write in. She sometimes goes to read the books she write into. She is author of the Chronicles of the Pyre, a book containing several short stories that has been published and is being sold in many bookstores.
    • Art: Another funnel for her active imagination, she is always never seen without a pencil case containing the stuff she needs and watercolor cakes. As for where she drawings go? The same book she writes in. She even illustrates her book.
    • Reading: It was where her imagination first started running, an influence from her mentor. Not only does she study with books, she gains inspiration from her stories.
    • Singing: Haley is not what you call an angelic singer nor a screeching blackboard, she is more like someone who does not care some they sound like singing and sings at the top of her lungs in a jolly chipper mood.
    • Dancing: Just like Singing, she is neither the best nor the worst, but just does it to show off her happy emotions.
    • Jokes, Puns, and all things funny: This girl's pooka blood is to blame for her funny bone.
    • Shade: Haley likes confinements and areas with shade.


    • Bananas: Haley hates its texture, Haley hates chewing it. Haley hates Bananas.
    • Beer: Not because she dislikes drinking it, but more like waking up from a hangover. Also Haley is horrible alcohol tolerance.
    • Loud Noises:Ironically she is loud herself, but she really dislikes loud noises that ruin her active imagination or stop her train of thought.
    • Not Being Included: Haley does not like to be left out of things, hence her socialable attitude.
    • Mental Blocks: She hates it when she can't be creative and her mind does not want to.
    • Open Spaces: Look into her Fears.
    • Stripping: A personal dislike about herself, due to something that will be explained in her appearance.

    • To spread the beauty of art: Haley wants the world to appreciate the beauty of art, not for profit but rather the magic it brings to make the world a better place. She thamks you for the music, for the songs she is singing, thanking you for all the joy its bringing.
    • To become a world famous author: She wants to become a famous author, thanks to her love for writing, she wants to write and hear people fan about her books from all over Fiore, and beyond.
    • To be accepted by society: Haley is someone who, rarely fits thanks to her origins. Haley makes in an effort to be friends with as many people as possible.

    • Not being able to create: Haley hates it she has mental block, but not being able to create is her greatest fear. Unable to pick a pen and draw is a nightmare itself.
    • To remain a social outcast: Haley does want to be alone, she sometimes detest her origins and regrets being born if she stays a social outcast.
    • Outdoors: Haley is agoraphobic, since she was born. Thats when she likes shades and closed areas.

    General Appearance

    Appearance normally:

    Height: Varies, but a more constant height being 180cm
    Weight: Varies, but she sticks to the average 65kilos.
    Hair: Varies, prefers black
    Eyes: Varies, prefers brown
    Skin Tone: Varies, prefers a light shade of brown, like the light crust of bread.
    Appearance: Haley's looks often vary, after all being born with shapeshifting powers makes her quite fluid in her appearance. Haley does have a preferred appearance.

    Haley stands at 180cm and weighs 65 kilos. Haley has a round face with a sharp chin, beautiful brown eyes with seductive eyelashes. Her long smooth shining black locks flow to her back. Haley has a large portion of her locks go over her right shoulder while her left goes behind her shoulder. Her fringe is seperated into triangular locks that are combed towards her right. The locks over her ears differ too. The right goes over the frames of her simple black rectangular framed glasses while the right goes behind the frame. Her most distinct feature is the cotton stretch bandanna she has that has three feathers stuck into them. If there is one constant in all her forms, is that there is some sort of distinction that resembles three crow feathers sticking out in a fan shape. Those feathers is actually part of her body and the area that the bandanna covers is actually a beautiful coat of black feathers that almost resemble a maid headband, especially with the white marking in the middle of the feathers.
    Haley has an hourglass figure, with average sized three sizes, with smooth white skin.
    Haley does not have physical clothing. Though it does not hurt to take them off, Haley finds it rather disgusting to actually take off her "clothes". The clothes feel real though. Haley "wears" a long sleeve sweater with feathers across the wrist holes and the collar. Two buttons are the collar lead towards the right. Haley wears a pair of woman's jeans and brown boots. Her bag is the only physical thing other than the bandanna that isn't part of her, a sling bag that contains an assortment of writing materials, notes, pens, pencils, paint, ingredients, flasks, erasers etc. The physical items actually can change with Haley's bodies thanks to an enchantment made on them.


    Guild: Black Rose
    Tattoo: On the back of her neck, hidden by her hair.
    Rank: D


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