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    Potion Making Assistant [Solo Job//Serenity Evans]


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    In Progress Potion Making Assistant [Solo Job//Serenity Evans]

    Post by Serenity Fri 20 Jul 2018 - 6:06

    Serenity landed at the docks in the seaside town of Hargeon. She'd come to take on a simple job. Assist a local potions maker with creating a new potion they could sell. As soon as her feet touched the wooden docks, she put away her large dark wings and walked into town. The strawberry blonde was wearing a pink and white checkered tank top with a puffy-sleeved t-shirt underneath, faded blue jeans with a pair of black ankle length half-inch heel boots. She had with her a messenger bag that was slung over her left shoulder. She opened the bag and pulled out a flyer. On it read: "Help wanted to create a new and unique potion to sell on the market. Location: Leslie Harvey of Hargeon Town" She stuffed the flyer back in her bag and went to find the potion maker's workshop.

    Serenity asked people around town about the person who had put in this job request and if they knew where to find them. It must have taken her at least fifteen minutes after arriving in the sea side town to finally reach her destination. When the fallen angel arrived, before her stood a small shop like building with a large wooden sign that hung above the entrance. The sign read: "Leslie's Potions and Charms".

    "This must be it." She said as she entered the establishment. Inside was dimly lit. Shelves lines the walls on all sides, filled with colorful bottles of all different shapes and sizes. A few shelves seemed to have lacrimas and little trinkets on display.


    Potion Making Assistant [Solo Job//Serenity Evans] J2S9OCL

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