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    Nightly study [Social - Ruben & Eero]


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    Nightly study [Social - Ruben & Eero] Empty Nightly study [Social - Ruben & Eero]

    Post by Elyon 23rd April 2018, 9:59 am

    The night was surprisingly warm and windless. The boy wanted to study in private, but the innroom he had been given had the sun shining in the whole afternoon it seemed, as the air inside was too stuffy for any cognitive work. He wanted to make sure he fulfilled his promise to the blonde haired girl he met not so long ago, so he stepped outside the inn with a little sigh. Luckily for him, the inn had a lobby area with chairs and tables, as well as some tables placed right outside. The boy left most of his humble belongings in his room, taking only his books and notebooks with him and switching his T-shirt with a more loose one. The inn's lobby was empty, whereas there were people milling about on the street, who made the perfect backdrop for a white noise for a study session. The outside tables were blissfully empty just as the lobby and the boy took a seat at the table that was closest to the big swinging inn doors.

    Soon enough there were papers that were weighted down by a number of books and tomes scattered around the table, as the boy slowly made progress. The table had become quite a mess. He was attempting to organise the many different types of magics he had come across - in person or mentioned in books. He was sorting them by elements, their primary strategy usage, their fuel - if they had one. He was sure that he would come up with many more ways to break them up, but he wasn't sure if he would complete this task in the current night.

    The boy let out an occasional sigh as he then grabbed one of the books laying about in order to flip through the pages to clarify information. The research papers were getting mixed up with one another. It looked like a regular study and research session, though. His hand started to cramp a tiny bit, so the boy decided to take a small break, reading some of his research papers, deciding on how he was going to put them in a presentable order.


    Nightly study [Social - Ruben & Eero] 9AtWbCr

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