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    An A-"paw"-ling Heist (Job)


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    An A-"paw"-ling Heist (Job) Empty An A-"paw"-ling Heist (Job)

    Post by Sanguine 26th February 2018, 7:02 pm

    Job descrip:

    Magnolia always seemed like a town in which Aoi could easily walk thorugh whether she had used her sonar like ability or not. The sounds of her steps tapping on the concrete over and over, though cold had not much cared to her. With the lacrima pumping the blood through her, it was more artifically kept from the natural cold effects. The feeling of how cold her feet were.. well that was something she long adjusted to. Spending as much time as Aoi did as a homeless, blind child, she adjusted for quite a while getting used to the feeling of her feet being frozen cold, blistering hot, sharp pain from rocks or glass like litter in the streets. Whatever it may have been, she had come across it. She had no interpretation of the way people were outside of Crocus either, so it had always seemed so surprising if someone had seen her out and about like she had, passing off some food or a drink, some even offering shelter to her. Their kindness and hospitality is what kept Aoi's ambition to eliminate all of Magnolia, but settled simply for the cause of her blindness. However, even now, there was no quams about it. She could always hold a grudge, but what good did that do her? If anything, the blindness was a blessing in disguise and she'd be very lost and probably back in the circle of royal snobs in time if she hadn't of been swooped up by Eris and gifted with a chance to become what she was now. Her influence, power, and strength allowed Aoi to push for her own dreams, past her own barriers and in this time now, this girl was a Queen all her own.

    Keeping to royal form, the black haired neko had come to enjoy the day being just herself for a change. It seemed with what things existed with the humans, that one mere cat girl around wouldn't make others none the wiser of anything suspicious. Still, Aoi had seemed to be a little mentally preoccupied. Her eyes were not glazed over and almost lifeless. Now, they were much like a feral feline; awake and alive, sharp as the teeth that rip flesh and meat from bone with ease. Her gaze was to take in what Magnolia had become since she could last see it. Being so caught up in her own affairs, she had never taken time to be herself again. It was a strange thing no matter how it was looked at, but in this sense the raven haired girl was at least able to sit and enjoy herself. However, that quickly changed when she could hear something that caused her ears to twitch and curiosity to ensue. Walking forward, she turned a corner and spotted something that caused her to gasp audibly in shock. Cats!? Cats confined in a plastic cage pawing at a window like a sideshow? Despite her hatred of canines, she couldn't help but feel for them as well... Something had to be done about this.... The black blood in her body started to boil in anger and she stepped inside of the store, shutting the door behind her. Seeing nobody about at first, Aoi smirked and locked the door, flipping the sign on the door while nobody had seen her and walked on inside. She approached the cats and kittens and leaned in, her hand reaching in and petting each and every one of them. "Don't worry, my purrrfect little cuties. Your queen will free you soon enough." She whispered, playing with them for a moment before a worker exited the grooming area. "Oh, hello there, ma'am. Are you interested in adopting a cat today?" She asked, her voice sweet and friendly. Aoi turned around smiling, her ears and tail now clicking to the girl, she blushed and blinked. "Oh my gosh, you're so pretty~ Don't you worry, ma'am, I make sure all the animals are more than properly fed and given fresh water whenever I'm here, which is like nearly all the time. I hope it's not concerning to see them like that." She leaned over, seeing the cats all tame and sitting, not making a peep but staring up at the back of Aoi. "Woah, you have some real skill with relaxing them. My boss gets mad at me if I try to do that with them because it's like we don't sell anything if we don't let them act like attention hungry accessories.. Kinda burns my bum, ya know?" The clerk spoke.

    The way the girl was talking, she had a grand, evil idea. Slowly, she approached a counter and leaned on it with her arms, her tail swishing around lightly. "Tell me, would you like the chance to have a real pair of ears and a tail? Caring for many sweet cats of all sizes and types?" The girl tilted her head, thinking about the idea. "I can give you that. Just agree and I'll make it so. I can take you away from this life and put you into one of your deepest fantasies." Her cat like eyes glaring into the girls, she watched her and tempted her, the girl looked around and then leaned in some. "Y-You can really do that?" She whispered. Nodding, Aoi reached up and grabbed the girl by the chin and placed her lips on the clerks, allowing some of her demonic influence to seep into the humans body. "You'll now and forever serve as a maid in the castle, tending to the felines that dwell with happiness. I know it's your desire to groom larger cats, and I'm here to fulfil that dream with an eternal life as well. So thank your Queen and you'll be sent straight to the castle to be fitted and relax until my return. I want to help you enjoy your new life before you dive into it, so please. Repeat after me: 'I agree to serve Queen Aoi for all eternity.' " The girl blinked and shook her head before she had smiled lightly. "I agree to serve Queen Aoi for all eternity." The girl repeated. Just then, a large hole would tear open behind her, revealing the lavish cat bed and room, pouncing through like an eager cat to a new toy. The hole would soon close and she would turn, licking her lips. "One more loving slut to the harem... Now, onto punishing the humans... Nyehehe."

    She found herself walking into the back room of the store with ease, no issues what so ever. There she saw some mutte panting with its tongue out like some little piggly piece of garbage. Next to it was a human brushing out its fur and she sighed. The sudden sigh made the male behind the mutt look around and see Aoi standing there, holding several bunches of leashes and coiled rope. "Today is going to be a fun day for you, you filthy human~" She cooed, walking up to the groomer. His sudden fright at the tools, Aoi pounced at him and quickly subdued him in a hog tie while he was on his stomach. She unpackaged the leash and fitted it, wrapping it around his neck and sinching a tight knot and then taking the rest and doing some visual measurements. The demoness waved her head lightly back and forth, humming a merry tune while she had pulled over a chair and then yanked the groomer up by his ties. She tossed the loose end of the leash over a small gap in between the roof and a concrete foundation. tying it to his feet, she untied him and set him on the chair, kicking it out from under him while yanking at the leash. Choking him, he reached up to hold the foundation when he had gotten into perfect position. The neko tied the leash around his ankles to secure a tight fit, nearly choking him as it was. "So purrrrfect~ See, I've put you in a lose-lose situation. You're going to pass out from lack of air in about 5 minutes. If you try to free yourself, your grip will fall and you'll be hanged. If you fall unconscious, it may give that pathetic life of your a peaceful ending... But..." She thought for a moment and started to walk. "Oops~" She said in sarcasm, leaning in on him and grabbing his legs, yanking down and hearing a brutal snapping sound, a few gurling sounds, followed by nothing. Looking over her work, she chuckled and pushed him, letting his corpse sway back and forth gently. "The hangings would have been so much more fun if they allowed people to watch them suffer to death... a quick one is just no fun~"

    Now that the store was dealt with, the raven haired cat girl walked around the counter of each register, smashing them open and taking the money she wanted, freeing all felines and in a generous mood, she allowed the others to be free as well. Her new maid was very kind to all of them, so to make her a little happier, it seemed like the right thing to do. Once clear, she slipped through the back door, vanishing into the crowds and becoming completely eluded in the crowds.

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