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    Everything is Permitted[Dr.Stein, Fluffy]


    The Mad Scientist

    The Mad Scientist

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    Everything is Permitted[Dr.Stein, Fluffy] Empty Everything is Permitted[Dr.Stein, Fluffy]

    Post by Dr.Stein 18th February 2018, 8:54 pm

    Job Details:
    Job: Everything is Permitted

    Rank: B

    Player Requirements: 2-4 Dark Mages, C-Ranks or higher.

    Job Requirements: 15 Posts per player, 250 words per post min

    Job Description: A Major of the Rune Knights is visiting his home town of River Village. I want you to kill him by any means necessary, you don't have to fight him head on. In fact I wouldn't recommend it, but it would be quite impressive if you did, it'd also be a great show of our power. In any case at the end of the day, The Major needs to be dead.

    Weak: 50 Civilians - A group of 50 civilians who will see a dark mage and instantly flee. Essentially a dummy roll.
    Attack: Flee

    4 Rune Knights - Each of these takes a B rank hit to bring down
    Attacks: Sword Slash - Basic Sword Slash

    4 C-Rank Mages - Each of these takes a B rank to bring down. Their spells do C rank damage alone, but they will combine their spells to do B rank damage.
    Attacks: Earth, Fire, Wind and Water mages.

    Strong: 2 B-Rank Mages - Spells do B rank damage. They take five B ranks to bring down.
    Attacks: Light mages who specialise in illusions

    Boss: Rune Knight Major - The Major specialises in requipping various weapons, most notable spears and lances, and using powerful fire magic through them to devastate his opponents. He takes a full fifteen B ranks to bring down. He is an A rank mage and does B rank physical damage and A rank magical damage. However, if you sneak attack him then this is reduced to only 5 B ranks
    Attacks: Fire/Requip

    Reward: 15k per mage

    Stein had agreed to doing a job for killing a major of the Rune Knights which would pose a hindrance to the Magic Council. Looking over all the info he could get one this major it was clear that it be an almost impossible match up for him win against this particular Rune Knight. "Hmm... he's a powerful requip and fire user. Going over the past few assignments he was sent on it is clear this man is a straight forward fighter, which means the best bet is to do a sneak attack, but given his training and the soldiers that follow him this won't be an easy job." Stein waited about half a mile from River Town pacing back and forth as he was busy thinking. He spent a good thirty minutes pacing as he lost track of time while thinking. "Kill him by any means possible. Easier said than done, but I might be able to use those villagers to make it possible." Stein stopped pacing as he started to gather rocks and sticks. With the transmutation property of his lab coat the mad scientist started making the necessary parts for remote collar bombs. Stein begins his disturbing laugh once he created five collars, a briefcase to store them, and the remote. "Yes these should be enough to cause an opening for us to strike." Stein said to himself as he looked at his watch realizing it was still so early in the day. Gathering his things he got ready for the person he would be working with.
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    Everything is Permitted[Dr.Stein, Fluffy] Firma_12

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    Everything is Permitted[Dr.Stein, Fluffy] Empty Re: Everything is Permitted[Dr.Stein, Fluffy]

    Post by Fluffy 18th February 2018, 10:28 pm

    293 words of 3750 words.

    Nyx would prefer to not have left the keep in the between where she had been staying with her guild recovering from how weak she had become when she took them there. Originally, her intention was never to leave the between until she was recovered enough to face Chaoris, that was what she wanted, but things had changed. Early in the morning, she had taken a small wander around the between to make sure everything was in place, but something was missing, one of the baby unicorns from the herd living near the guild was missing, the entire herd in a panic over it. Without anyone else strong enough to fight, the ghost had rushed from the between seeking to find the missing foal before the unicorns endangered themselves by leaving to find her, Lux floating swiftly behind her.

    After some searching, seeking where she remained largely stationary allowing Lux to seek out the information, she had easily discovered the foal had been taken by a Rune Knight one of the higher ranking ones that was heading home. When would humans learn that thing's like Unicorns were not meant to be the pets of mortals? This would not be an easy mission, but she took on the task of killing that man, so she could retrieve the unicorn foal from his camp. Weakened as she was, the mage made sure Lux was carrying a pad and paper as they arrived at the location of the meet. If required? Nyx would let her mission partner believe that lux was the mage, she doubted anyone was capable of seeing her weakened as she was. Upon the two arriving, she simply stayed still, waiting to see if the man could see her nearly invisible ghost.


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