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    Horrify the Bully (Solo)


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    Horrify the Bully (Solo) Empty Horrify the Bully (Solo)

    Post by Dmitry 23rd January 2018, 11:54 pm

    Job Details:

    Central Magnolia Middle School.

    Nestled in a district in the middle of the famous town, this center of learning taught the many subjects one would expect of the intermediate portion of education. Many of the adults living in this area and perhaps even other parts of Magnolia came from this humble institution, giving it a strong connection to the community. It was a fair assumption that even some members of the town's resident guild, Fairy Tail, have graduated from this school. However, there was a certain grey haired wizard heading for the school that was most certainly not one of its graduates, searching for the place as a result of business.

    It seemed to be another day of work for Dmitry Kazakov, the mornings activities currently taken up by the search for the school at which Fairy Tail, of which he was now a member, was requested to perform its services. Unfortunately, the young medium was still unaccustomed to the town within which his guild resided, along with any other town or large community for that matter. While he normally had an excellent sense of direction in most parts of Fiore, it was urban environments such as these that were the absolute bane of his existence. Despite this regrettable fact (though he himself did not regret it) Dmitry was finally able to find the school he had been searching for.

    It was an odd thing to him, cramming so many children into one place and teaching them all this pointless nonsense, things they likely wouldn't have a single use for. Of course, it was only natural for him to think this way, having the luxury of learning from the ancients and even beings beyond that. It was also quite natural for him to miss the social implications of school life, having grown up on his own. Then again, it was simply one more addition to the long list of societal institutions and customs that left Dmtiry at a total loss, his least favorite of all lists.

    Putting such distasteful thoughts from his mind, as he so often did, the wizard proceeded into the school, where he was able to find his young employer with rather surprising speed. Of course, it was a child that posted the request, a young girl who  had been harassed by some sort of bully, likely an older girl or boy. Thankfully Dmitry already had a plan in mind, his magic being more or less perfect for putting a scare in someone without any physical harm. After the dumb looking boy was pointed out for him, he waited outside the building, next to the hallway the boy was supposed walk through. The timing was planed perfectly, Dmitry having asked the principal of the school to call the bully to his office under some excuse or another. As the child walked down the corridor, shich now seemed strangely more ominous than usual, the lights began to flicker a bit. A strange, silver fog began to build in the space of the hall, causing the boy to take pause. However, being the tough-guy-act-cliche that he was,he attempted to shrug off any apprehension and press onward. It was at this point that the lights cut out entirely, leaving the boy shrouded in darkness. Not long after, several wisps of silver wearing tortured expressions flew past him, moaning in agony all the while. Both the moaning and the speed of the ghosts picked up, eventually circling him as if part of some demonic ritual. The boy was now visibly trembling, tears threatening the corners of his eyes as an expression of pure, child-like terror took over his features. Yet he clenched his eyes shut and and strode through the onslaught, as thought he were some hero out of a children's story.

    Marching blindly in an attempt to ignore his surroundings, he bumped into something and looked up to find none other than the wizard causing all this torment. His target now exactly where he wanted him, the shade wizard used the spectral powers at his command to conjure and graft an image over his facial features that can never be spoken of again. It was something so horrific and bone-chilling that it cannot be accurately put into words, something that no living soul should ever know exists, let alone see with their own unfortunate eyes.

    With the bully now well and truly traumatized for life, Dmitry accepted his payment and made his way back to the guildhall. Well, with some difficulty of course.


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