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    Bully the Bully [job~solo]

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    Bully the Bully [job~solo] Empty Bully the Bully [job~solo]

    Post by Shipping Goddess 27th November 2017, 1:13 pm

    Mai made the treck to the meeting location of the job discussion. She accepted a job out of pity for the kid, as he was having harsh troubles with bullies. That being said, Mai herself never got to know what bullying was like, having not really ever had a childhood, but she knew it had to be terrible emotionally. And she herself dealt with really traumatic things, especially the fact that she would have died in less than a year if it weren't for her lovely uncle Mura to save the day. So now she was here, a park where a kid was sitting on a bench, just as he said he would in the invitation.

    "A-Are you the one who is going to help me with my... Problem?"

    He said as Mai approached. Physically, he wasn't much younger than Mai, but wimpy wouldn't begin to describe him. The boy had no stature, he was a twig! While Mai herself was very frail, she had magic to back her up - what did this kid have? Nothing. Nothing at all. This made Mai pity him even more, as she almost instantaneously gave a saddened look to the boy.

    "Yeah. I'm Mai, I'm here to help you out. While this isn't my normal type of job, I can't help but feel sorry for you!"

    Perhaps the mage's words were a little harsh, but the boy didn't care. He jumped up and hugged Mai as tightly as he could, bringing the girl to jump slightly in shock. After the hug, he went on to pull out a hundred jewels, and give them to the summoner.

    "Please, please, this is all I have! I just need you to make sure he leaves me alone, that's all. Just - please don't hurt him! I-I'll get in sooooo much trouble."

    "Alright alright, I have a plan. Just... Lead me to him, okay? I know you don't want to be in his presence, but I have a strategy."

    Mai patted the kid on the shoulder, and rubbed it slightly. After the kid got a hold of himself, he led the summoner to a group of kids around Mai's physical age - around a year or two older than him.

    "Oh hey look, it's Princess Fuckwad! And he's brought his giiiiiirlfriend! Man, couldn't you do better? I've boned better girls than this one on bad days!"

    Obviously trying to get the better of them both, the bully only could laugh as the client cowered before Mai, pushing her forward slightly to deal with them. Mai didn't really know how to respond to that, but she just pulled out one of her dolls, and gave it to the boy.

    "S-Sorry if I look terrible to you, but I just wanted to give you a gift. I-It's Midian culture to present dolls to those you like..."

    "What? A foreigner? Heh, hey fuckwad even your girlfriend here doesn't care enough about you to help ya! Hilarious!"

    Mai gave a lovestruck look, while the bullied client only lowered his head in shame. He put all of his trust into someone, who immediately went on to betray him on a whim like that. It was... Heartbreaking. However, the boy was shocked when he heard a snapping noise, and saw the girl with the kimono practicing magic, a summoning ritual. From the doll came a sort of mystical energy, which then began to manifest into physical form, which was a giant hulking green beast that looked like a humanoid turtle with a beak...

    "Guys - meet the Kappa, Kappa, meet the bullies. They think it's cool to pick on people, so why don't you show them what it's like to be picked on?"

    The kappa laughed, and picked the boy up by his shirt.

    "You call yourself a bully!? You aren't strong, sturdy, tall, or even menacing! How are you gonna be intimidating enough to be a bully! YOU'RE the fuckwad for thinking you can do that, fool! Hahahahaha!!! You know what I do to weaklings, kid!?"

    The bully gave him a very terrified look.


    "I EAT THEM!!!"

    The kid began to flail about and scream, terrified of the yōkai before him. He had never seen a monster like this, so he wasn't sure if the kappa was being serious or not. He just hoped he wasn't as he continued to flail about like a fish out of water, screaming and crying for someone to help him. As the Kappa let him go, he ran away after vowing to never bully again. With that, Mai gave a smile to the client, and walked away. Successful job!

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