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    Blood drive

    Yuri and Yuli
    Yuri and Yuli

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    Blood drive Empty Blood drive

    Post by Yuri and Yuli 11th November 2017, 1:33 pm

    Job Description:

    It had been a while since Herakles had found himself in Fiore, but it seemed he was still wandering around without actually knowing where he was going. Sure, he had heard of the bigger cities, but he had trouble finding what he was looking for: Mountain Village. Even worse, his awful sense of direction seemed to somehow have led him to a city called Rose Garden. He sighed, knowing it would take a while for him to arrive at his destination, and kept walking along the main road. This city, however, seemed different than anything that he had ever seen. It looked like the area was a hotspot for mages and magic of all kind. On every corner there was some mage showing off his skills, a cart preparing the food they sold with some sort of magic or a lamp or sign that was actually a glowing lacrima. Herakles could barely hold back his awe, but he put it aside since it was nearing the evening. It was too late to keep travelling, and so he went around, looking for a hotel room. After a short while, he had found a small place that seemed to be a cheap, yet comfortable solution for travelers and with that he stepped into the building.

    He was immediately greeted with a friendly smile by a blonde woman sitting in a reception area "Welcome, if you wanna check in you can do that over here". She continued to smile at the young man who smiled back with a mix of confusion and amusement written on his face. "A room for one, 1 day should be enough" he told her, and she promptly answered "Ah, so I assume you are here for the annual Rose Garden Blood Drive ?". It seemed she was trying to initiate a bit of small talk, but Herakles of course had no idea about a blood drive and just looked at her with a confused face, simply giving back a "No ?". "I'm just passing through, but tell me about the blood drive". The woman seemed a bit surprised, but went on to explain "Oh, well, every year Rose Garden holds it's traditional blood drive festival, with people from all over the region coming in to donate blood, you can still donate until 10 if you're interested.". "Sounds good, I'll check it out" he answered, paying for his hotel room.

    After he had stored his baggage in his room he made his way to the main square where the festival was supposed to take place, only to spot a huge mass of people, who, as Herakles guessed, were all there to donate blood. He didn't even get a chance to donate himself though as he was swiftly approached by what looked like a nurse in white clothing. "Hey, we still need people to help out with the festival. You're new here, right ? Are you interested ?". Herakles gave her a nod and was tasked with helping the people who had donated blood, so he wandered around for hours, handing people drinks and sweets entertaining the kids with Pegasus helping people move and so on. He felt good with doing what he did, and, after hours of hard work, he threw himself onto his hotel bed, exhaused

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