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    Blood Drive

    Lester Drynedi
    Lester Drynedi

    Gentleman florist

    Gentleman florist

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    Blood Drive Empty Blood Drive

    Post by Lester Drynedi 4th November 2017, 12:56 pm

    Lester Drynedi D Rank Black Rose

    Blood Drive Job

    The crisp morning had woken him, the arrival of wintery blusters in his room notified him of a window having been left open. Bleary eyes opened, the prison bars of eyelashes parted releasing his gaze through watermelon hued eyes. A small sip of fresh water from his bedside had frozen its way down to the depths of his stomach. The soft wind whisked through as a note fluttered in the wind. Slow movements didn't stave away the aches, shivered slightly his toes pressed against the wooden floor, a few strides had taken him to the wardrobe, snatching the green note off it lips quivered whilst he had read it. It had just been a reminder for the blood drive. The job in itself had seemed to be one that wouldn't cause trouble nor get him hurt. Slipping into some jeans the soft cotton of a black t shirt had obscured his vision momentarily. Cradled careful like an artifact from the dawn of time a scarf settled around his neck, doors creaked and slammed. Soft thumps of leather on wood, a smooth sound as the form slid down the banister to the first floor. Out onto the street and breath that misted into tiny snowflakes.

    The embrace of winters careful chill woke him up, today he would be a part of something which would hopefully save lives. A wave to those he knew and the youth had departed rather early. The walk had been a nice one, the crispness of Autumn Winter, when the weather and seasons could decide whose turn it was so Winter and Autumn co-existed. Inhaled and breathed the cosy smells of earthy Autumn rose up to him as he neared the building for which he would be spending his morning. For the youth had signed up to help out for a few hours with those who donated their blood!

    Within moments of stepping into the building he had been shown to the reception to check his name off then vaguely deposited in the waiting area. A barrage of sound and movement had rushed at him, there had been little order to everything. A slight sigh had escaped him, feet narrowly danced around the room, near missed collisions were common as he collected spare pillows and toys, easy to read books and fun games along with it all piled up in his arms a few kids moaned that he had disrupted them. Well them playing in the middle of the room had been a problem! A small fort of pillows and blanket had been formed, the games hastily stacked up, a small bookcase with feeling paint and worn stickers had been restocked of books. A few others in the room had gotten the idea, children of young ages had started to be directed and wander over to their newly designed ‘kids corner.’ The name needed work, and perhaps the amount of children in a concentrated area wouldn’t go well. Yet at least now no one would have to worry about tripping over a pile of bricks.

    With a little order restored the water flowed freely from his jug, each vase of flowers needed fresh water. Last on his list of water refills had been a nice green vase full of ferns and little cute wildflowers! Jug now empty and floral care finished he had let himself relax for a second as the memory refreshing pollen washed forth over him. He had spent time with his Grandmother, in her florist store he had learnt a many things, he missed her a little, coming home to family caring for him had been quite peaceful. Yet now he had changed and grown a little. A voice asked for his help, the last task of his shift perhaps? Skipping over he had come across a lone volunteer with a trolley of water and food. His hand closed around the stack of cups and bottled water as hers had selected the basket of fruits and treats. A slight nod had been exchanged before the two had waltzed their way through the aisles, water poured in a cub it had been drained as fast, conversations exchanged and smiles all around the toxicness of a positive vibe had felt incredible. Back to the trolley for another bottle of water, back for more cups. Refreshed and satisfied children, the elderly had a sparkle in their eye as they seemed to be glad. Glad to be able to save a life perhaps, perhaps they had just been enjoying their life in the world?

    Throat constricted the time had passed with great speed, a cup of water in hand he had the intent of wandering off to the staff break room. A hand grabbed onto his, the job requester notified him that his shift had ended, the next people had arrived. It had been a few hours since he had arrived yet everything had passed so fast. A smile of thanks had been exchanged as the refreshing lunchtime wind greeted him as Lester stepped outside.

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