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    Letter for Who?


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    Letter for Who? Empty Letter for Who?

    Post by Nadarr 4th October 2017, 10:47 am

    As Clearance walked he looked at a letter as a crowd of people grew thicker.  “Coco, do you know who Nika Starlight is?” Clarence would ask not being totally up to date on this bad. “Yes master she is a popular pop singer”  she says smiling a bit.  “Are you a fan?” she stops looking at her.  Coco shakes her head. “I like to listen to her sometimes while i work but i don’t follow her.” she said.  Clearance could tell she was lying but didn’t feel like pushing into it personally.  “Why do you ask master are we going to her concert?” she asked questionable as we walk to the stadium. “No coco a man named avery asked us to get her this letter...said she was a friend.” he sighs looking at the crowd “but i have no clue how we are going to do this” he sighed deeply looking at the large crowd at the two wizards guarding the backstage.  He looked at his evoker, normally he would use a spell but firing a gun at a concert wasn’t the top thing he wanted to do.  As they walked towards them he stopped looking around for another way.  This crowd was so thick it was making it hard to focus.  “Coco can you distract security so i can get backstage?” he asks looking at her.  “Yes master” she bowed starting to get through the crowd” oh and don’t get caught” he called out making his away towards where he needed to be unsure if she even heard her.  As he got to the side entrance Coco walked up crying.  Clearnce would give her credit where it was due, her acting was on par.  She pointed and they ran in that direction and she waved him over  He walked over confused “what did you tell them?” he asked as she was back to normal. “I told them that some man assaulted me and they stole my belongings” Clerance sighed “what a lie” he said knowing if anyone even touched her they’d regret it.  He shook his head going in “watch the door” he said going in alone.  As he made his way around backstage he looked at door with a star saying the word light on it.  He blinked twice “starlight…” he said blankly .  “clever but...nevermind”  He sighed knocking on the door.  A girl answer, she was like a angel “yes?” she asked really confused” the posed himself i away his gun wasn’t viable and held out the letter.  “Oh more fan mail” she smiled taking it.  “More than that...avery sent it…” he looked at her eyes lit up tearing the letter open reading it carefully. Oh...Avery…” she smiles tearing up “thank you sir” she said happily. “He nodded his hands in his pockets.  As she closed the door he stopped her. “Hey could i ask a small favor…” She nodded really confused.  Moments later the guards were still gone and coco stood there manning her post.  “Come coco” he said in his quiet tone walking past her coco following. As they left the concert she asked “so did you meet her?” she said a bit of hopefulness in her voice.   Claerance just held up a piece of paper giving it to coco.  She grabbed it opening it confused.  It read “To Coco Winters, from Nika Starlight” in sher signature writing. “Keep up the good work coco” is all Clarence would say not looking back at her.  She just smiled folding it putting it away “yes master”  she said smiling following close behind him.

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