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    Delivery of my Letter / Job


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    Completed Delivery of my Letter / Job

    Post by Wolfe 30th June 2015, 11:57 pm

    Wolfe had just set foot in Magnolia for the first time ever. As he looked around he was taken in by the city and all the people in it. Wolfe was used to the smaller cities and towns, and places a lot darker in scenery and overall feeling. Compared to his normal stops Magnolia was a very bright and lively place. However, despite being taken in by his surroundings, he knew he couldn't just stand around. He had come here to pick up a job, and he needed to come and get it over with as soon as possible. He wasn't much of one to try and pick up a job, but he was starting to hurt in the jewels area and needed a little extra. If nothing else, the extra jewels could fund his food tasting here in the city.

    Wolfe had heard of job in the area and it seemed easy enough, so he had come here looking to pick up the job and a little extra jewels in the process. As he made his way to the home of the man who had put out the job, he took notice of some of the places he intended to stop and eat after the job was done. Also, as he walked he took notice of the building standing at the top of the city. Wolfe knew it to be the guild hall of Fairy Tail, a guild he knew to be pretty powerful, and full of more then capable wizards. Wolfe knew he didn't need to spend too much time dwelling on it though, as he was a guild-less wizard, and with good reason. His quest was one that ended in his death, and was paved with the blood of father. This was something he would never want to drag anyone else through.

    It didn't take long for Wolfe to find the address of the man with the job. As he knocked on the door, it only took seconds for the door to open, and standing on the other side was a younger man. He looked to be in mid to late twenties, and wasn't a bad looking guy. Wolfe just stood there and then nodded as he spoke "I heard your looking for someone to pick up a job for you". The man looked Wolfe up and down before he slowly back away from the door to let him in. A couple of minutes later Wolfe was sitting on the man's couch across from his as the man began to explain the job, "I would like you do deliver a letter for me..." said the man. Wolfe looked up with some confusion in his eyes as he wondered. The man picked back up at this point, "I know it sounds stupid... i mean just delivering a letter...however, its a bit more complicated then you might think. The person i want the letter delivered to is none other then Miku... Miku Hatsune...and before you ask... there is more to it then you might think. When we were young we were best friends, but when she was scouted to become a famous singer, we stopped talking, and now it seems she has forgotten me...I still love her.... as much as the day we met and i want her to know it and see if we could maybe get to know each other again..." The man got off the couch and on his knees as he pulled his hands together in front of him in a begging manner, "please?!?!... will you please deliver this letter to Miku for me.... i beg you..." Wolfe looked at the man and reached out and took the letter off of the table in front of him and placed it into the pocket in his outer shirt.

    The man watched as Wolfe did this and then he began to smile as he spoke, "so you will take it then? ohh thank you!!!" Wolfe cut him off as he stood up and waved his hand, "Don't thank me yet, i need to finish the job first.", and with this he turned and walked away from the man and out the front door as he close it behind him. Wolfe wasn't much for sappy stuff, but in truth, this hit him somewhere in the heart. To be honest, Wolfe had never really had friends or been in love, or had someone close to him like that. In a way he was a little jealous, but more importantly than that he needed to finish this job and get back to journey.

    Wolfe did a bit of asking around to only find out that this Miku was actually holding a concert that night right here in Magnolia. This was even better then he could have hoped for. Wolfe decided that this was the best shot to gt the letter to Miku, and he was going to finish this job no matter what.

    Wolfe made his way tot he location of the show and was about to find it pretty easy. However, there was already security all over the place and it was hours before the show. Wolfe began trying to make his was into the VIP back stage area, but each time he was stopped and kicked out of the area by one of the security guards. This was becoming more and more annoying as the afternoon went by. If he didn't get back stage soon, he would lose his chance.

    Wolfe started to get desperate as the show finally started and then as it continued he started to get worried that maybe he might not be able to get this done. Then like a bolt of lightning he got a great idea. As Miku was staring her last song on stage, Wolfe took off for a nearby building, and used the stairway to climb to the top floor of the building then climbed out of the window and used the side of the building to climb to the roof. He then walked to the opposite edge of the rooftop, and took a running start and jumped off the building. He almost didn't make it and was barely able to catch one hand on the roof of the building next to him. As he hung there by one hand he looked down to see a security guard underneath him. Wolfe's eyes got large as he hoped the security guard didn't look up. A few minutes later, Wolfe was having trouble holding himself there with one hand, but then luckily the guard under him walked away to his next post and Wolfe was able to pull himself up.

    Wolfe then used the side of the building to climb into a window, and began sneaking around the building as he hid from everyone looking for Miku's room. It took a few but Wolfe finally found the room. He knocked on the door and a few seconds later he heard a woman's voice say "Come in". A moment later Wolfe opened the door and saw as a woman turned around and tilted her head in confusion. It was almost like slow motion as Wolfe saw the look in her eyes change to fear and then she went to open her mouth and scream. Wolfe threw his hands in the air in front of him and stared waving them as he spoke "ohhh please don't scream!!" He shut the door behind him quickly, as he got on his knees and began to beg, "please, please, please don't scream!! it took all afternoon to get to catch up with you!!" Miku's mouth slowly closed as she watched him, "What do you want with me?!?!" Wolfe stood up as he pulled out the letter and spoke, "please understand that this is not what it seems. I am here on a job for someone... i am a wizard...and i was asked to pass on this letter to you. please read it. I think you might be interested in its contents." He then walked over and handed the letter to Miku. He watched as she opened it and read it to herself. After a few minutes a tear ran down her eye, as she slowly lowered the letter. Wolfe just smirked as he opened his mouth and gave the address of the man who contracted him. Wolfe smiled at her, as she smiled back and he slowly turned around and left the room. However, his timing couldn't be worse as 3 security guards were passing by at the same time. Wolfe looked at them, and they looked at Wolfe right before they pulled out night sticks and the like and Wolfe took off running down the hall screaming as he tried not to get hit head knocked in.

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