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    Letter Delivery! [Job | Solo]


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    Private Letter Delivery! [Job | Solo]

    Post by Corliss 16th February 2016, 9:48 am

    in someone else's happiness

    Job Info:
    Corliss made her way through the crowded Magnolia streets, skipping along as Pyrrha flew behind. She had taken a job to deliver a mysterious letter from an anonymous sender to one of her favorite celebrities: Callie Canto. A water-wielding mage by trade, Callie had taken her wizarding fame and translated it into the musical world. Corliss was given, as part of the job, a ticket to see Callie live, and get paid for it!
    As the concert was about to begin, Corliss rose from here seat in the auditorium and made her way towards the backstage, which was conveniently in the direction of the restrooms. Corliss sent Pyrrha ahead, and the cat-owl flew into the face of the bodyguard by the door. The gryphon then flew back down the hall, causing the confused guard to follow suit. Corliss, taking her chance, entered the dressing room, where Callie was applying her makeup. "Hey! What are you doing in here? Where's my guard?" Eyes wide in fear, the singer stared at the mage, who realized that she had made a teensy tiny mistake by barging through the door. "Oh, uhh, sorry. Your guard is fine, he's chasing my gryphon. Sorry this seems creepy, but I was hired by someone who claimed to be a childhood friend of yours to deliver this letter to you. Corliss pulled the letter from her coat pocket and held it out to the woman, who cautiously took it. The older woman slowly ripped the envelope open, drew out the letter, and began to scan through it. Corliss decided that she had completed her job, and began to leave. "I'll be leaving now, sorry to intrude. Uhh, break a leg!" "Wait!" Corliss paused, turning back to the older mage. "Where did you get this? Callie's voice trembled as she spoke, eyes shining with the beginnings of tears. Corliss, feeling horrible that she didn't know the client, scuffed her shoe on the floor and refused to meet her eyes. "The client did not release his name or anything to us, and asked the letter to be delivered without anyone knowing it's contents, other than my guildmaster. I'm really sorry. Callie shook her head, reading over the letter once more. "This is from Thomas Kline, my childhood neighbor. His family moved, I-I never heard from him again. Where is he now?" Her voice carried a desperation beyond her words. Looking at the letter in hopes of discerning in some magic way the location, Corliss noticed a few scribbled lines of print on the back of the letter. She silently pointed, and Callie understood the girl's gesture and flipped the page over. On the back was an address for a Thomas Kline in Clover Town. Both women knew that the tour's next stop was in Clover Town in two days, and Callie burst into peals of laughter, a couple tears sliding involuntarily down her cheeks. Corliss moved a box of tissues from the vanity closer to Callie, who gratefully took one to blow her nose. "I'm sorry, I'm not normally like this. I just- I didn't think I was ever going to see him again. I uh, can I get you anything? An autograph or something? Tickets? What can I do to repay you?" Corliss shook her head, making her way to the door. "Just invite me to the wedding, okay?

    Corliss met Pyrrha outside the theater after concert, as the gryphon was chased out. A successful day playing through their minds, the two headed home to Black Rose.
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